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Scion Staffing is a nationwide executive recruiting organization and temporary employment provider that has received an award. They associate globally impeccable expertise with industry-leading companies, creative startups, inspiring products, and mission-driven nonprofit groups.

Scion is the collaborator for flexible recruiting services, contract-to-hire employees, contingent direct-hire search, as well as senior management requirements, with a holistic approach to hiring strategies. Over the last 14 years running, The Business Times has acknowledged Scion as a top group. Scion temp agency was also awarded by Forbes to the chart of the world’s Top Executive Recruitment Companies.

They help their dedicated customers and find the optimal shared job fit for top-tier applicants. SCION will help, whether you are searching for top-tier talent or are chasing your next incredible career chance. Its regional department offices are happy to represent you countrywide; as recruiters are closely interconnected within the local work culture.


What do they offer?

SCION temp agency’s mission as a comprehensive, communicative recruitment team is to be an excellent potential partner in your quest. From a place of interest and concern, we raise in-depth questions and explore new partnerships with promising applicants and outstanding employers every day. We are committed to delivering better employers to special professional job seekers.

1.Analyzing your best fit. 

To make the right choices necessary to grow your profession, they respond to your ambitions, skills and talents, your skills and particular expertise to help you in finding the best employer or job according to your requirements. 

2.Speed up the searching process.

They also have a clear connection to recruitment bosses, unique insights into their staff and community and can build a portfolio that positions you in an exclusive circle in the front of decision-makers instead of just CV. 


3.Offers you thorough knowledge. 

They are not only work specialists, but they are also industry experts. Not all industry transformations are straightforward, but they can offer useful insight into the mentality of recruiting executives in a range of contexts to enable you expand your knowledge and make it very easy and fast to look for work.


The work sectors. 

Temp agencies recruits for industries like  Consumer Products / Goods, Start-up, Financial Services, Media, Nonprofit Foundation, Technology, Healthcare, Medical, Real Estate, Insurance, Education, Professional Services, Biotechnology, Science & Research, Government, Retail, Construction and Energy. However, we focus on only a few industries but promise to deliver the best services on a permanent or temp basis. 


The selection procedure. 

Analysis – Firstly, they analyze adequately your needs and requirements. 

Recruiting – Then, focuses on finding the best fit according to the needs of their clients. 

Networking – Then, go for a wide network to collect the bunch of applications.

Screening – Then, all applications and candidates’ background are checked and evaluated thoroughly. 

Candidate Presentations – We also give the opportunity to the candidate to explain and present themselves well. 

Client Interviews – We connect every candidate with the appropriate clients to get further in the process. 

Final Candidate Selection – Finally, if the clients and candidate both get the best fit according to the requirements, the final selection is to be done. 


Reference & Background Checking – The reference and background of both clients and candidates is to be checked to make things happen properly and in an ethical way. 

Final Offer/Close – Then at last, the position is filled and offered to the deserving individual with all the necessary details and knowledge is to be given to him/her regarding the position. 

Guarantee – The services are not yet completed after the whole selection, we will take the whole responsibility of client and person if any problem persists. 

Wrapping up. 

As a socially aware executive hiring and temp agency, the  mission is to help effectively bind, support, and expand our customers, local communities, and talented applicants. To grow the commercial practices of the consumers and retain competitive expertise, we exploit our skills.

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