Skin Care Tips to Get You Through This Lockdown

With the entire world staying indoors during the pandemic, skincare really isn’t a priority for many. However, even during this lockdown, you could be harming your skin in more ways than you realize.

This is the perfect time for you to take more interest in yourself by staying healthy by looking after your wellbeing. So take advantage of this opportunity by following these tips to give your skin the love it needs at Live Enhanced.

1. Moisturize

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Before, you usually used to apply to moisturize only while going out. But now since we are staying indoors all the time it’s very easy for our skin to dry out without the use of any moisturizer.

In the present condition as our daily routines have gone out the window. So you might not remember to moisturize your skin as religiously as you used to during normal time.

Moisturizer acts as a protective layer for your skin and also gives it the nourishment it needs. Dry skin is more prone to cracking, and becomes rough without necessary care but you can prevent this simply by slathering on some lotions and oils.

It’s really not that complicated. The more you moisturize – the better your skin will look.

If you used to do this before the lockdown – great! But if you’re new to this rule, just wait till you see the wonders this simple habit will do for your skin.

2. Sleep

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With this lockdown in place, and all the stress of the pandemic, many of us have completely messed up our sleep schedules. Working and studying from home, means there’s no need for routine – so why on earth would we sleep on time?

While staying up late and watching serials can be fun, but this lifestyle might have an adverse effect on your skin. A good night’s sleep is extremely important for skincare.

When you don’t get proper sleep, your body makes more of the stress hormone called “cortisol”. This leads to all sorts of breakouts and inflammations in your skin.  It also makes your immune system weaker, and may allow skin diseases like eczema to occur more easily.

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And of course, we all know a lack of sleep can give you the worst kind of dark circles. So, if you truly want to take care of your skin during the lockdown, make sure you’re getting adequate sleep!

3. Don’t  Forget the Spa Days

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Just because you’re under lockdown doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need pampering. In fact, this is a pretty good time to try out all those face masks you never had the time to try before.

You don’t have to go to the spa to get special treatment. You can make your skin soft and glowy with a few DIY mixtures yourself. But in case if you want to get it done then you can buy some Spa Gift Vouchers from lovoir beauty.

Aloe vera, honey, cucumbers, and turmeric are all soothing ingredients for the skin. You can even get more creative and use other masks you have never tried before.

This is a very fun activity you can even share with your kids. The best part is, at home, you can keep the face masks on while working, without being judged!

4. Sunscreen is Still Important

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Even though we’re staying indoors, sunscreen is still an important part of the skincare routine. The sun’s rays can penetrate through glass, so there’s no guarantee that your skin isn’t being damaged.

Also, if you sit in your balcony a lot, or your work desk is near a window, you can rest assured that you definitely need to put on sunscreen.

What’s more, you’re probably spending most of your time in front of your laptop, tab or phone. This means your skin is being exposed to more blue light.

Some studies suggest that blue light can cause hyperpigmentation and collagen damage. So, applying sunscreen is a safety measure that you should consider , even when indoors.

5. Exercise

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Have you been thinking of doing some exercise, but just can’t seem to get yourself off the couch during this lockdown? Exercise has many benefits that keep you both physically and mentally fit. But here’s one more benefit to add to your list, that might just convince you to start.

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When you exercise, you’re essentially increasing your blood flow. This means more oxygen and nutrients will reach your organs, including your skin. The blood also takes away waste products and free radicals. This helps your body to flush out all the harmful products from your body, keeping your skin healthy in the process.

What’s more, exercise relieves stress, and research has shown that sebaceous glands produce more oil when you’re stressed. So, with increased physical activity you can just avoid skin problems like acne. It doesn’t have to be intense workouts – but some cardiovascular activity will actually do wonders for your skin.

6. Stay Clean

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Although we all love makeup, there’s no better time than this lockdown to let our skin breathe. So during this lockdown, try to ditch the makeup, as much as possible.

Also, don’t forget to wash your face, especially after you work out. This is a pretty good time to start your own elaborate skincare routine.

When using cleansers, always pick ones that are nonalcoholic and non-abrasive. And whatever you do, avoid scrubbing your skin! When drying off, use a patting motion with a towel instead.

It can be pretty easy to skip the showers out of laziness during this lockdown. But trust me – daily showers will not only keep you clean but also motivated.

Bad hygiene allows dead skin cells, sweat and dirt to accumulate on your skin and this will lead to all sorts of skin problems.

7. Eat Healthily

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Now, this one, I know is difficult. After all, junk food is what’s getting   most of us through during this horrible, uncertain time. When the world is ending, who wants to eat healthily?

Well, I’ve got two things to say to you. The world isn’t ending, and after this lockdown you’re going to regret not eating healthy. Forget physical health – all that chocolate and cheese you’re consuming is actually having a much worse effect on your mood.

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Eating healthy is one of the most helpful things you can do for your skin. The key here is to have lots of fruits and vegetables and avoid greasy food and sugars. Try to get into the habit of drinking tea and use healthier alternatives for cooking your food like olive oil and avocado oil.

8. Change the Bedsheets Regularly

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Staying at home for days on end can mean we forget to do some very basic household chores. Before the lockdown, everything had a routine. Work all week and handle laundry and groceries on the weekend.

But what now?

Sure we’re doing whatever’s necessary. But things like changing bed sheets every week seems to be taking a back seat on the priority list.

Bedsheets and pillow covers can accumulate a lot of dirt, sweat, oil, and other bodily fluids. When your skin keeps coming into contact with them every day – you know what happens!

Dirty bedsheets can cause skin diseases like eczema, and also trigger pimple breakouts. So try to wash your sheets every other week and keep them clean!

9. Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Your mom’s not wrong when she keeps telling you to drink water. Many women swear by this as their secret to beautiful skin.

There’s no magic behind the relationship between staying hydrated and your skin. It’s science – when you drink water, toxins get flushed out of your body through the kidney faster.

So remember to drink your 8 glasses every day. If you’re like me and can’t remember to drink frequently, don’t worry. You can always set alarms to remind you.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all these tips, it’s time to put your plans into action. I know this is a weird and stressful time, but taking care of yourself is important too.

All these aspects of skincare are a great way to relax and calm the nerves, and also help out with your overall health. By using the time to your benefit, you can be the best version of yourself when the lockdown is over.

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