Subtle Ways to Incorporate Sports into Your Big Day


Having a dream wedding requires teamwork. If you are the one getting married, we are sure that you don’t want to compromise on anything. From the wedding menu to the wedding vows, the day is supposed to be perfect and exactly how you want it.

Since marriage is all about teamwork, we thought, why not inject some team spirit right from the offset?

We have come up with subtle yet chic ways of incorporating sports into your big day. These wedding ideas will certainly win over the crowd and give you and your loved ones something to talk about.

1: The Venue

No matter how dreamy castle weddings can be, we believe the wedding venue should represent the personalities of the happy couple. So, if you are among the people who are crazy about sports (especially Formula 1 Racer Cars), why settle for a castle on your big day when you can actually go big?

Formula Weddings are a thing in the United Kingdom. There are companies who provide you the closest experience to driving the real F1 racer car with their built-in professional racer simulator. It is sure to amaze and entertain you and your guests to the fullest.

2: The Food

One way you can have yourself a cosy, yet high-end pre-wedding party is skipping the traditional rehearsal dinner and bringing in your favourite food truck, drinks and sports team friendly décor in the house. As long as you and your beloved guests are enjoying the night, nothing is too messy for the big day.

You can also incorporate your all time favourite game-time snacks and serve them to your guests in stadium style. So, who is up for some nachos and sliders?

3: The Cake

It is for sure that a full sports themed cake won’t really fit in a chic themed wedding. What do you do then? Well, we recommend you to have the inside of your wedding cake match the team you two support together. So when you cut into the cake, it bleeds the team colours.

4: The Colour Scheme

Every wedding has a colour theme it follows. What you can do is incorporate colours in your wedding theme that subtly shows off your team loyalty. For instance, if your favourite club is Manchester United, then the theme for your wedding can be red. If you are Packers fan, opt for a lot of greens such as eucalyptus or tropical palm branches that could create a marvellous centrepiece.

If at all your team colours are not wedding friendly, we recommend using these colours as an accent to white. This lets you keep your wedding chic and elegant while also letting you enjoy some team spirit on your big day.

5: The Guestbook

If you are a huge basketball fan, how about having your guests sign basketballs instead of traditional guestbook?

In case you are a hockey fan, ask your guests to sign a hockey stick. Another innovative way to skip traditional guestbook is asking your guests sign on your favourite team’s jersey. You can later have the signed jersey framed at your home.

6: The Accessories

This one is a personal choice. The groom and his best men can have monogrammed cufflinks and socks in the colour of his favourite team. As for the beautiful bride, since most people won’t actually be seeing your garter, so get one in the colour of your favourite team.

7: The Photo Booth

How about turning your photo booth into your favourite sport? Well, not completely but sort of. What you can do is, stock it full with fun sport themed props and have each guest entering it create their own sports magazine cover as their photo favour.

8: The Wedding Monogram

Do you both support the same team?

Well if yes, then you can subtly use the logo of your favourite team for your wedding monogram. It is true that the sports team logos are predominantly made in thick block letters while the wedding monograms are usually elegant and romantic.

Ask your graphic designer to combine both the design elements and achieve the best they can to incorporate the team logo in your wedding monogram. Additionally, it can also be used as a light projection on your dance floor or the venue walls, on stationery items such as menus and guest seating cards, as well as the napkins and signage.

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