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It says a lot about baths that even though modern self-contained shower cabins have taken showering to a whole new level and made it into a real pleasure instead of just a fact of life, given the choice, we suspect most people would still opt to have a bath in their bathroom as well.  These days, having a bath, is luxurious and highly-valued “me time” and an effective way to relieve stress in a hectic world.  If you do have space for a bath in your home, then you should count yourself lucky and make the most of the opportunity.  With this in mind, here is a run through of the kinds of bath we stock at Poshh along with some ideas about how they could fit into your overall bathroom design and how to style them to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Straight baths

Best bath


These are the de facto standard in baths and the good news is that they will fit into all but the smallest of bathrooms and almost all forms of decoration.  In fact, if you’re the kind of person who likes to ring in the changes on a regular basis, then the simple and inconspicuous nature of the straight bath could be the perfect blank canvas for you.  Because straight baths are so popular, there is a huge range of accessories for them, in fact you’ll find quite a few here at Poshh.  You can bling up your straight bath with eye-catching taps or opt for a more natural look by switching to wooden bath panels.  Basically, the only limit is your budget and your imagination.

Freestanding baths

A quick look at Pinterest, Instagram or upper end design magazines will show you just how utterly, jaw-droppingly stunning freestanding baths can be. If you’re buying a freestanding bath then it’s almost certainly going to be the focal point of the entire bathroom and you’re probably perfectly happy with that.

Although freestanding baths still tend to be more associated with traditional interiors, their popularity means that there is an ever-increasing number of contemporary or period-neutral freestanding baths, which may be a better choice if you want to maximize flexibility in your design choices.  When designing a bathroom around a freestanding bath, you’ll need to think about functionality as well as appearance, in particular, you should think about where you’re going to store your toiletries while you’re bathing (freestanding baths don’t have the handy ledges other types of bath do) and also where you’re going to put your towels/clothes to ensure they stay dry as freestanding baths are known for their ability to overflow!

P shaped baths

Best bath


P shaped baths took a while to become appreciated but they’re now steadily gaining ground as they are ideal for many modern bathrooms, where people would really love to have both a bath and a shower but can’t quite find enough space for two separate units.The fact that P shaped baths were designed to address a modern issue means that they aren’t an ideal choice if you want to create a period bathroom, but if you’re happy to stick within a range of more contemporary styles, then P shaped baths will fit right in.

When designing a bathroom including a P shaped bath, you often want to think about “balancing” the width at one end of the bath, when compared to the other.  One easy way to do this would be to place a seat or storage unit at the other end to create symmetry.  This still leaves plenty of room to get in and out.  It has to be said that P shaped baths don’t have quite the same range of alternative bath panels as standard baths do, but there is still a decent range from which to choose and you can find a selection here at Poshh.  They take the same taps and waste fittings as standard baths so you’ll have plenty of options there.

Whirlpool and spa baths

If we’re honest, whirlpool and spa baths are baths you buy because of what they do rather than because of how they look.  It’s not that whirlpool and spa baths necessarily look bad, it’s just that they’re built to support a high level of (delectable) functionality and that’s just a fact of life when you invest in one.

Whirlpool and spa baths come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but the one common factor which unites them is that they all have a fairly modern appearance so again not ideal for period bathrooms.  We’d say that whirlpool and spa baths are just perfect for creating spa-like bathrooms, but they will fit in with pretty much any style other than traditional.

You are unlikely to have the same range of accessories from which to choose as you do with standard baths, but to be honest, we suspect most people’s eyes will light up just at the sight of whirlpool and spa baths so we’d suggest just treating them similarly to freestanding baths in the sense that they become the star attraction in your bathroom and you just work with that.

Double ended baths

Best bath


Double-ended baths are essentially standard baths but with the taps in the middle rather than at one end, hence from a design perspective, they can be thought of in much the same terms.

 Corner baths

Corner baths are the baths for when you really don’t have space for a bath, but still really want one and are often coupled with overhead showers to maximize the use of space.  The location of a corner bath is generally non-negotiable, they typically go in the smallest bathrooms where there is only one realistic place for each appliance so the only remaining question is how to style it.  Given the aforementioned facts, styling corner baths is generally about making the most of the vertical space both visually and practically.  If you’re using a corner bath with an overhead shower then you’ll need a shower curtain so look for one with vertical stripes or a pattern to draw the eye upwards.  If you don’t have a shower, you’ll probably still have tiling which you can use in the same way.  If you’re on a budget and/or renting, you can use tile decals to add style on a budget.  Use the vertical space for your bathing/showering necessities too.  Make them a feature.  If they come in stylish packaging, show them off as they are, if not, decant them into stylish bottles you’re proud to display.

Back to wall baths

Best bath


Back to wall baths are essentially double ended baths which have only one long side against the wall, with both short sides being in clear floor space, giving the impression of a bath which is almost freestanding.  Back to wall baths have several practical advantages over genuinely freestanding baths and in design terms they have the major benefit of being able to use pretty much any and all accessories created for standard baths.  This gives you a huge range of options.  Just remember that even though back to wall baths have substantially less potential to overflow than truly freestanding baths, they are still a bit more liable to overspill than standard baths, especially when being used by (little) people who love to splash, so think carefully about where you’re going to put anything which needs to stay dry, whether that’s bath robes, towels or toilet paper.

Easy-access walk in baths

The popularity of easy-access walk in baths has really been on the rise over recent years and even though you can’t yet buy the same range of accessories for them as you can for other types of bath, you do have plenty of options for styling them to create your perfect bathroom.  As well as fitting right in with all modern interior design trends, designers can also play with the fact that modern easy-access walk in baths closely resemble traditional Japanese soaking tubs, which means that they can be used to create bathrooms with an oriental influence, including spa-style bathrooms, many of which are influenced by the East and its concept of Zen

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