8 Tips to Decorate Your Basement and Turn it Into an Entertainment Center

Decorate Your Basement and Turn it Into an Entertainment Center

One way to reap maximum enjoyment from your basement is decorating and revamping it into an entertainment center.

Customizing the lighting system, speaker setups, and providing comfortable seats is then crucial.

The basement can provide an ideal setting for watching movies, hosting parties, and playing vintage games.

Here are the core tips and ideas at Live Enhanced that think of when implementing the idea:

Choice of Colors

Decorate Your Basement and Turn it Into an Entertainment Center

source: residencestyle.com

Usually, a basement has no windows to let in light. For that reason, your choice of color matters. Hence, neutral shades such as white or gray are good options for the basement interior. 

In addition, consider having the furniture that is of neutral colors too. That way, they can match different wall paintings.

Remember, the choice of color for the basement will determine if it looks bright, dark, or smaller than its actual size.

Section Areas for Different Activities
Sitting Area

Decorate Your Basement and Turn it Into an Entertainment Center

source: residencestyle.com

It’s majorly for watching movies and TV series. And so, it requires the seats that deliver comfort even over prolonged hours of watching. Besides, consider the number of people you need to accommodate. The forward reclining seats may come as great assets then. Don’t forget about the chairs for children. 

Bar Area

Some people prefer watching thrilling TV series and shows while holding drinks in their hands. You need to set up a section of the basement for such fun. 

The bar area can also double as an ideal place for hosting parties and family gatherings. Don’t forget to include a fridge to keep the drinks chilled!

Game Area

The basement can’t be complete as an entertainment center without games. Even with limited space in your basement, you can still design one corner for indoor games. 

For example, foosball table and pinball machine don’t require big space. Yet, every member of the family can enjoy those games.

When you have ample space, you can incorporate multiple indoor games such as skee ball, shuffleboard, and air hockey. Your guests can then have plenty of games to choose from at any given time. 

Install Recessed Speakers in the Wall if Possible

Decorate Your Basement and Turn it Into an Entertainment Center

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If possible, install the speakers recessed in the walls or ceiling. Such a setup minimizes the clustering of wires and boosts their overall performance. 

But if it isn’t possible, then go for the speakers whose aesthetic blends with the room’s décor. That way, they will look like an extension of the room’s decorations. 

Have One Storage Closet for Your Media Equipment

At best, have a small closet to store all the media devices. Nevertheless, the storage closet should allow for free air circulation. 

So consider having louver doors for the closet storage. When you store away all other things, the arrangement will position the television to become the center of attraction of the room. 

For a neat outlook, keep the closet out of sight. For example, you can keep the board games and books in the closet tucked behind the stairs or into a cabinet.  

Mind the Room Acoustics

Decorate Your Basement and Turn it Into an Entertainment Center

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A piece of good sound equipment similarly requires a good room acoustic to deliver the best listening experience. You can reduce the echoes in the room by incorporating soft rugs, carpets, and curtains. Further sound panels are other options to consider. 

And to get the best audio and visual entertainment, choose the room with the least amount of light and external sound interference. 

Fabric Panels for an Incomplete Wall to Look Neat

Your basement has to look neat; from the game room to the entertainment and bar area. Without spending a fortune, you can decorate the walls by incorporating fabric panels

That is especially useful if you hadn’t finished working on the walls or ceiling. Besides improving the looks, it helps in absorbing sound reverberations. 

Adequate Light

Normally, the basement has almost no incoming natural light. Therefore you need to install an artificial light that matches the activity in the room. 

Further, the color, intensity, and type of light are vital. For instance, you need the recessed light for the party room and not the glaring type fluorescent type.

Work on the Basement Floor

Decorate Your Basement and Turn it Into an Entertainment Center

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Slippery and dusty floor have the potential to spoil the thrill of entertainment. Therefore, if the floor is uneven, dusty or slippery then you need to work on it. 

Get the right basement floor paint (Consider epoxy paints). Besides leaving a dazzling look, the right basement floor paint is durable and offers waterproofing ability. 

And seal off all the leaking points either on the roof, windows, or walls.


Careful planning and decoration, allow you to transform your basement into an entertainment center. During those weekends when you are fortunate to have your family around, the basement entertainment center offers great comfort. Also, when you slot in spaces for games everyone can share in the entertainment.

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