What Is A BOHO Wedding And Why Is It Coming Back?

BOHO Wedding

A BOHO wedding is the Bohemian chic wedding that is making a comeback as people do not want to spend as much money on their wedding to make it perfect. They are choosing a ceremony and reception style that is much more relaxed. The emphasis is on romance over big gestures, and these weddings have little details that make them a lot more fun for everyone.

Why Go BOHO?

BOHO Wedding

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The BOHO wedding is something that you do when you want to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

You could start planning one of these weddings right now with romance in mind, but you would have rustic pieces of the ceremony that make it a little bit more Bohemian. However, you also have the opportunity to make it as modern or vintage as you like.

Some people might go BOHO, but they will make the ceremony very modern while other people will make this is a vintage ceremony from the 1950s. Still others will want to have something done in the flapper style of the 1920s.

Either way, you will:

Design A Symbol Of Love

BOHO Wedding

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When everyone burns a wedding sparkler, it acts as a symbol that you have just tied the knot. It also create a gorgeous image–think of the opera “La Boheme”or some Medieval festival.

You’re creating a similar universe.

Create Stylish Savings

BOHO Wedding

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You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.  You go to the wedding sparklers outlet, rent your furniture, and use simple centerpieces–or get a lovely arbor that will be just right for you, and you will start to feel as though you have done your reception/ceremony or half the cost or less. You did not want to spend all your money on grand gestures, and you can make a wedding that has special moments that did not cost a fortune.

Make Your Guest Comfortable–And Happy– To Celebrate!

BOHO Wedding

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The people who come to your ceremony will be happy to dance and play at your reception because they are so much more comfortable.

The idea behind the BOHO wedding is to make sure that you have chosen the right way to celebrate without making it too formal.

“ You can make everything very casual, but it will still have a sweetness about it, especially because you ended it with the warmth of those sparklers,” said a spokesperson of Wedding Sparklers Outlet

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