Why You Should Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Why You Should Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Currently, there are more than 25 million Instagram business accounts and more are being opened. Many organizations have taken the initiative to convert their previously individual accounts to business profile while others are opening new business profiles without having to own an individual account first. After introducing this type of profile in 2016, Instagram has really grown to have the greatest number of subscribers and an active engagement far more than that of Facebook or any other social media site. This and many other reasons we shall see is why you should also switch to an Instagram business profile. The well-known website QuantumMarketer.com can assist you to convert and then manage your business profile.

Scheduling Posts

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You can now schedule your posts when using your business profile. A while ago, the platform could only send you a notification alerting you when it was time to publish your content. Instagram has since improved this feature making the process a lot easier. You will not need to publish manually as the feature, available only on business accounts will now publish these posts automatically when it’s time. This will save you time to do other things especially when you are too busy to post.

Promoted Posts and Ads

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The business profile allows you to promote your posts within the app. This feature allows you to highlight posts that you need the audience to see at the top of their feeds enabling you to create more awareness. Once you pay for the promotion, your post appears at the top of users’ feeds for the time you want it to remain highlighted. The same case applies to Instagram ads. These features are only available on Instagram’s business profiles. So, if you have the need to promote your products and brand, then this is the way to go.

Contact Buttons

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With a business account, you will be in a position to add your contacts to enable clients to reach you directly. You can include your mobile phone number, your email as well as a link directing clients to your official website. Users only need to click on the contact button o reach you directly. This has made communication easier since you might not have the time to look at all the Instagram’s direct messages, but you will definitely receive a call in real-time.

Post From Your  Desktop or Laptop

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Instagram was designed to be a mobile-friendly platform for entertainment and social sharing. After taking the new business dimension, the company has now introduced a feature that allows those with business accounts to post content directly from their PCs, but through a third-party platform. Either way, you will now be able to edit your pictures easily and faster using advanced editing tools then post directly to your page rather than have to convert those images to mobile-friendly sizes losing their quality.

Get Access to Instagram Insights

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Real-time data is essential for business growth. When you have knowledge about the behavior of your consumers, you get into a better position to make the right changes and also respond appropriately. The Instagram business profile comes with a feature called Instagram insights. With this feature, you will be getting real-time data on how your posts, both images, and videos are faring. You will receive more than just the number of likes, but also get audience demographics, impression and engagement among other information.

Make Sales Directly from Instagram

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More than 80% of Instagram users say that they follow particular business pages or different organizations. 50% of these users say that they have made a purchase directly from their Instagram accounts. These statistics show you that people no longer see the need to going to your official online store to buy your products. They do so directly from your Instagram page. It is way much easier to promote and sell your products with a well-curated business account.

Using Links on Stories

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source: youtube.com

You can add links to your Instagram stories now if you have a business account. These links are limited, though, to those accounts with 10k followers and above. The links will help you promote your products even more as a lot of the 500 million users that check their accounts on a daily basis usually check the stories and move on.

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