Ultimate Solutions For When You Can’t Sleep At Night

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

Getting trouble falling asleep is a common problem for most of us. It can be a nuisance to sufferers. The usual causes of sleeping inability derive from internal factors such as health condition and psychological status; external factors like unsuitable environment, or just the lifestyle issues. If you are getting trouble falling asleep and looking for solutions for when you can’t sleep at night, don’t worry, here are 11 sleep-aiding remedies to help cure your insomnia and bring back a good mood for your new day. Check out below!

  • Turn Off The Light

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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Television, laptop, and smartphone screens emit artificial light which stimulates daytime hormones, thereby interrupting your body from a solid sleep. Blue light emitted from screens or any sort of lights can interrupt the production of melatonin which causes difficulty for you in falling asleep.

Limit exposure of blue lights by turning off these devices at least one hour before going to bed. Dim the screen’s brightness or adjust the light which is suitable for your eyes if they are still in use during the night.

  • Set The Right Temperature 

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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A room with unsuitable temps could result in insomnia. While too warm temperature can sweat you out, too cold temperature makes you sniff up.

A recommended temperature for good sleep is between 60 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. It means that a slightly chilly temperature is better for you to reduce thermometer inside your body, fix your sleepiness, and maintain a comfortable condition throughout the night.


  • Change Your Sleeping Place

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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If you are in trouble with sleeping, find around you any factors that might prevent you from relaxation. It could be an uncomfortable bed that isn’t suitable for you, the wrong position of the bed, and the improper lying posture.

For better sleep quality, try to replace your mattress, blanket, and pillow with the other comfortable ones, or experience other places out of bed to sleep, such as a living room sofa.

  • Try Essential Oils
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Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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One of the useful solutions for when you can’t sleep at night is using essential oils, in other words, aromatherapy. Studies have shown that chamomile and lavender oil are considered to be natural sedatives that enhance your sleep quality effectively.

Especially chamomile albeit with its form works best as a medicinal herb to combat stress or panic attacks and induce relaxation. Before going to sleep, drop some oils into the oil diffuser to create a good fragrance in the room.

Another remedy is to apply the mixture of pure almond and coconut oil on your neck or and spritz it under your pillow. Alternatively, sip a warm cup of chamomile to let the effects of this calming and naturally caffeine-free tea cure your sleeplessness.


  • Avoid Immediate Pills

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

Avoid abusing sleep pills immediately whenever you get signs of sleeplessness. People tend to rely on medicine when they can’t find solutions to deal with diseases; however, it relieves the symptom just temporarily, or even worse, reduces your sleep quality fast.

Some studies show that medicinal sleep aids diminish restorative stages of your sleep cycle so that you could sleep faster whereas you only take back 11 extra sleeping minutes on average upon using these pills. These pills are also claimed to trigger incident strokes in some people. Try to resist this temptation. This also helps you prevent possible medical dependence. In case you should use, have some advice from your doctor before taking any pills.


  • Use Natural Sleep Supplements

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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Consider natural supplements that are good for your sleep quality such as melatonin, valerian root and passionflower. These products are available in tablet and tea forms without leaving any side effects. Of course, they should be used for a limited time only.

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  • Avoid Sugars And Carbohydrates

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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Skip sugary and rich-carbohydrate products in the evening, be it sweets, chocolate, high-glycemic fruits or juice. These intakes will speed up the production of blood sugar, which plays the role of an energy booster, so you may wake up midnight due to hungriness.

What could help you fall asleep fast? Try replacing your current unhealthy evening menu with vegetables and any protein supplement foods, which support to melatonin formation in the brain. The followings are recommended bedtime snacks that are just for you:

  • A sprouted grain bread slice with 1/2 banana and almond butter.
  • Apple chips dipping with sunflower butter.
  • 1/4 cup of dried fruits with crackers made from seeds
  • 1/2 cup of cashews.
  • A chickpea-based dip (hummus) altogether with carrots and cucumbers.


  • Relax You Head

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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The common reason for your sleeplessness often comes from a continuous stream of thoughts. Before settling into bed, all negative thoughts and stress should be wiped out.

Have difficulty unwinding your mind? Read a book about half an hour before bedtime. Alternatively, you can try journaling. It’s a useful therapeutic way to address your problem before drowning into sleep. This habit helps you get into sleep slowly without forcing yourself either drifting the brain into ceaseless thinking and forgetting about the major stress enemy.

  • Remove Electronics Nearby Bed

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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Remember, when you settle down on the bed, it is bedtime and you should relax mentally and physically. The bed is not a perfect spot to watch television, reply to some messages, and play games. Oftentimes, we are distracted by electronic devices before sleep. These devices stimulate our brains to continue something else without being shut off. It keeps your brain being active even when your body is lying on the bed, making it hard for you to sleep.

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This is also a telltale sign of nomophobia. Additionally, placing these devices nearby your bed are claimed to be detrimental to your health. Limit this night routine as much as possible if you don’t want to regularly wake up at the crack of dawn.


  • Set Up A Suitable Exercise Schedule

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep


Engaging in full-body exercises is good, which makes you physically exhaust and sleep faster. However, overdose endorphins produced from late-night workout may be the reason why you can’t sleep.

It is studied by researchers that some short exercises, especially yoga poses, effectively reduce symptoms of insomnia and sleeping risks. If you get trouble placing your body on the bed, try working out earlier a few hours with just slight ranges of exercises or shifting to the morning if this night schedule isn’t suitable for you. By this means, you will have more time allowing your body to relax easier.


  • See A Healthcare Provider

Ultimate Solutions For When You Cant Sleep

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The last chance of getting back your full sleep when you suffer from chronic sleep deficiency is to consult a professional. Follow your doctor’s advice to help you identify the ultimate reasons behind your sleep disorders; therefore, more suitable prescriptions will be given to help you get rid of it completely.

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