5 Tips For Furnishing A Wedding

Tips For Furnishing A Wedding

Some couples travel extreme miles to select the best wedding decorations for themselves. Nothing beats having an inviting wedding décor which will keep guests entertained. Whether you’re on a tight budget or ready to spend freely, there are lots of wedding décors that will match your preference.

Tips For Furnishing A Wedding

If you aren’t planning to hire any professional designer for your wedding reception probably because you wish to spend less, here are some 5 interesting tips to furnish your wedding. These tips come handy and are very suitable for anyone on a low budget.

Pay Attention to the Bar

Keeping your bar organized is one of the ways you can make your wedding reception an inviting scene for guests. Of course, many guests are usually attracted to the bar and you could make a huge difference by embellishing it with candles and flowers. But if you don’t have plans to decorate the bar as part of your wedding arrangements, you can still attract your guests towards it by arranging wine glasses and highball glasses according to their heights. Keep shorter wine glasses at the front with the taller ones standing behind them.

Use Tablecloths, Linens or Chair Covers with Different Fabrics

Tips For Furnishing A Wedding

Mixing different fabrics for your chair covers and tablecloths can be a step towards making a huge difference. Don’t assume using the same fabric all through is the best way to make things resonate with each other. You can use linens and chair covers with different fabrics in adding elegance to your wedding reception.

Keep Tables Close to Each Other

While spacing tables, ensure you aren’t keeping them too far apart simply because guests are the ones who create the wedding scene and for them to do this pleasurably, they shouldn’t be sitting far away from each other. Even when you have enough guests, your wedding space can look scanty if the guests are not sitting close to one another.

Tips For Furnishing A Wedding

If, perhaps, you aren’t sure of the suitable amount of space to create between the tables to ensure your guests aren’t seated too far apart,you could follow the design rule that entails keeping a space of 6 feet from one table to another.

Use Narrow Tables for Your Reception

While using larger reception tables, you may have to fill up the centerpieces and several other areas just to ensure the tables aren’t looking scanty. Obviously, this can cause you to decorate the tables with more glasses than you would need for smaller reception tables.

Tips For Furnishing A Wedding

Besides causing you to provide more decorative items, larger reception tables tend to look clumsy probably because there are more than necessary glasses, dishes or tableware on them. To avoid all this and simply give your wedding reception the attractive ambience guests desire, try using narrow tables. Besides making way for convenient decoration, these tables need only a small number of glasses to look decent.

Furnish Some Walls with Family Wedding Photos

This tip is great especially if you would like to trigger discussions about your family and your partner’s. Furnish one part of a wall with the wedding photos of your relatives and another part with those of your partner’s relatives. You can also choose to keep all the pictures together and whichever way you choose to do this, your guests are likely to discuss your family and your partner’s.


No matter you hire a professional wedding planner or not, you will need some wedding furniture and decorative items to decorate your wedding venue. So, you should try and find affordable services around the wedding venue you choose. If you are from Palm Springs, California, you can check out Palm Springs wedding rentals.

At the end of the day, having standard wedding furniture in the venue is the key to making your wedding venue look complete.If you are from any other part of Los Angeles, try out wedding chairs for rent in Los Angeles. I hope the tips discussed in this article will help you make your wedding venue look gorgeous and attractive.

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