7 Pest Prevention Tips to Keep Your Lawn Safe This Summer

Pest Prevention Tips

Pests can be a menace to your house. They creep in from the front yard to your lawn and slowly make their way into your home. Since there are hundreds of different pests that can attack your house, it is important to keep them away as much as possible. While sometimes, it becomes uncontrollable to keep them away, in most cases, you can prevent them from entering your lawn or even your front yard. Let’s take a look at some of the pest prevention tips that you can follow this summer to keep the lawn safe from these unwanted creatures:

Keep the backyard clean

Pest Prevention Tips

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While you may be protecting the front yard and the lawn, the pests can make an entry from the back. Your backyard can be the best place to hang out during summers but it can also become the entry point of some of the most notorious pests. The common pests that can develop from this area are mosquitoes, ants, and flies and it is hard to control them because they can fly away and come back again. So, remove all the debris and garbage that is in the backyard. Not just the backyard, each and every garbage bin should be clean daily to prevent these pests from coming. It will be better to avoid piling the garbage bins around the house.

Clean and replace standing water often

Pest Prevention Tips

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Do you have a swimming pool or open tank in the house that leads to the lawn and then the front yard? If yes, then you need to clean the water every now and then. Standing water can become the home for a variety of disease-spreading mosquitoes. It is hard to understand the eggs that mosquitoes lay in the water. So, it will be best not to take any chances, especially during the summer season when you will use the pool more often than not. Remember, the pool water will not be used during winter and there are high chances that there will be a lot of pests growing in and around the water. So, better get the water cleaned by a professional and mix chlorine properly before diving in.

Keeping the garden tidy

Pest Prevention Tips

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The garden is probably the biggest magnet that attracts all sorts of pests into the house. At one point it becomes the breeding place of pests. You will find termites, ants, bees, flies, wasps, hornets, and whatnot! These will cross the lawn and eventually end up in your house. You can get unwanted tree stumps removed, seal the cracks in your patio, try to have minimum vegetation and less of shrubs, don’t keep wood piled near the garden, and most importantly, clean the garden regularly. Another excellent way to prevent pests from entering the lawn is to keep the compost inside a container with the lid put on tightly.

Pest prevention during summer vacations

Pest Prevention Tips

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So, you may have planned to go off on a vacation this summer but there can be pests invading your house in your absence. The best way to prevent pests from making their home in the lawn is by opting for a pest removal service. These guys will not only drive the pests away but will also spray some organic chemicals around the house that will not allow the pests to enter the house. Since you will not be home, the smell of the chemical will not bother you. Apart from the professional help, you can also throw away all the garbage in and around the house. If you have got fresh fruits and vegetables, refrigerate them before going away.

Close down air vents

Pest Prevention Tips

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There are many houses that have air vents that are faced towards the lawn. Although this may provide the required ventilation, they can also become the reason why there are so many pests in your house. Summer is the time when termites start to attack houses and the air vents can be their main source of entry. In addition to termites, air vents allow wasps and ants to enter. The best way to keep these pests away is by installing mesh airbrick ventilation covers. If you do not want to cover the air vent fully, get these covers installed.

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Protect the roof and the surrounding areas

Pest Prevention Tips

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The lawn can be the biggest door for the pests but their route can be through the roof too. In fact, people don’t pay attention to the roof during summers because of the scorching heat. But that is the route through which the wasps, hornets, termites, and bees can enter. Also, if your roof is damaged, it can become a serious concern because the pests will enter your house directly from the roof. So, if you are looking to prevent the pests from coming in, it is important to get the overhang of the roof checked, get cracks filled in with cement, and repair any damaged roof tiles there is.

Care for your lawn

Pest Prevention Tips

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Your lawn will look amazing with the fresh green grass of the summers but make sure you take care of the lawn properly. The grass should always be cut short. This will not allow the pests to hide under the longer blades of grass. Watering the grass is also a good way to keep the pests away and the grass healthier. You can buy organic pesticides for your lawn from the market and spray them on the lawn and on the grass. Mix the pesticide with water and spray them on the lawn and around the house. If there are bush plants in your lawn, make sure they are cleaned every now and then. Cut them down if they are growing too big.

Keeping pests away can be tough, especially because they are so small and hard to find. It is when they build a community when you realize and by that time it may be too late. So, follow the tips above because the summer season is coming and you wouldn’t want your house to be swarmed with pests all the time. You can also shop online for instant lawn as an option.


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