Tips for Planning Aesthetic Retaining Walls for Your Home

Retaining Walls

Don’t you sometimes want to move to a hillside and live life in the peace and quiet that it gives? It might sound like the perfect idea. But let’s face it—hilly terrains are not that easy to manage.

With slopes all around, it might take a lot more to build your dream home. It’s a good thing there are retaining walls to help you.

Retaining walls are a valuable addition to any home. They make functional spaces out of sloping land in your property. They also make your landscape more captivating.

And the best part? You could come up with your own retaining wall design for your home. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas
Wood for an Underground Garage

Retaining Walls


Wood is just as versatile as other materials when it comes to retaining walls. It could work as a planter box the same way that stone or concrete could. It does give your yard a more natural look, though.

One thing that makes wood stand out is when it’s arranged vertically. For steep slopes, it could make the space flowier and less intimidating.

If you’re running low on space, you can use wood to transition from your backyard to an underground garage. It’s a great use of space and also more pleasing to look at.

Opt for reclaimed wood for a rustic and eco-friendlier retaining wall.

Poured Concrete for a Patio or Terrace

Retaining Walls

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If your backyard slopes but the space is big enough, you could turn it into a patio or terrace.

Poured concrete used as a patio or terrace wall gives your house a cleaner and more modern finish. It’s versatile enough to be formed into whatever structure you want. It also comes in different colors and finishes that could surely match any home’s aesthetic.

Stone for a Small Waterfall

Retaining Walls


A stone retaining wall design laced with a water feature is a refreshing element to any backyard. It resembles the feel that a stream or lake could give—within your property!

Stone would be the perfect material to use for a small waterfall in your backyard. It looks and feels more natural. It also has several finishes that could complement the other elements in your backyard.

A small waterfall in your backyard could make it look more elegant and inviting. But more than that, the sound of the flowing water could also calm your nerves down after a tiring day.

Steel for an Out-of-the-Box Modern Look

Retaining Walls


If you want to make a statement with your retaining wall design, you could go for a steel wall. It’s a unique material that could be bold enough to make your retaining walls stand out.

A layer of patina on steel will give it a more rustic finish. It could look vintage and modern at the same time.

You can also make a geometric sculpture out of steel retaining walls. It could bring fresh character and more dynamism to your landscape. Express your creativity with it.

Gabion for a Cooler Yard

Retaining Walls


Gabion is a structure of caged rocks within a wire mesh. It’s a good DIY opportunity—it lets you have a stone wall without much knowledge or skills in masonry.

A gabion retaining wall could also give off that modern look for your backyard. A thinner wire mesh could make the structure more seamless. Just make sure it’s still sturdy enough to hold the weight of the rocks and soil.

More than the aesthetic, it could make your yard feel cooler. Air could flow naturally through the caged rocks, avoiding heat from being trapped in your yard. It would be perfect for areas with hot and dry climates.

Retaining Wall Design

Retaining Walls


Backyard retaining walls are a great way to set boundaries. It could help mark exactly where your property ends. If you have neighbors, retaining walls could also give you a little more privacy in your backyard.

To recap, here are some backyard retaining wall ideas to help you come up with your own wall design:

  • Use reclaimed wood and arrange them vertically to transition from your backyard to an underground garage or basement.
  • Poured concrete as a patio or terrace wall can give your yard a more modern finish.
  • A stone retaining wall that doubles as a small waterfall could also make your backyard more refreshing.
  • A steel retaining wall that patinates over time would give your backyard a vintage and modern look at the same time. A geometric steel sculpture could also make your backyard stand out.
  • Gabion walls let air flow naturally through your space so that it doesn’t become a heat island, especially in hotter climates.

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