Why You Should Get an Alzheimer’s In-Home Care in Long Island

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Statistics have shown that an estimated 5.8 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease. It is the most common form of dementia since it accounts for at least 60 to 80% of all dementia cases. The disease has no cure, and the more time passes by, the more it progresses and worsens. That is why having home health care for those who have illnesses such as Alzheimer’s has always been relevant for the people of Long Island. It is considered as one of the most in-demand services in New York.

According to Shia Patel, a labor market analyst, in the coming decade, there will be a 53% increase in the number of home health aides working on Long Island. For this reason, it can be said that the best way to help your loved ones who have this disease is to get them to an Alzheimer’s in-home care in Long Island.

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Personalized Quality Care

Home healthcare professionals can help lessen your burden. It can be very challenging for families to take care of Alzheimer’s or dementia patients because of the various risks involved. If you are always busy, and would not be able to give all of your attention to your loved one who is suffering from the disease, the most effective solution is to get the help of professionals. They will provide quality care that suits your loved one’s needs. Because it is a progressive disease, there needs to be adaptability in the treatment of the patient. With a home healthcare professional, they will ensure that the patient will get the care needed based on their current state and symptoms.

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Safety Monitoring

There are a lot of safety risks involved with people who have dementia. Symptoms will cause them to get lost in their neighborhood or forget their own children’s faces. That is why getting the help of an Alzheimer’s in-home care in Long Island will prove to be an advantage for you and your loved one. It might not seem like it to you, but everything in your house is a potential hazard, from slippery floors to sharp objects, it could harm them. With a professional monitoring them 24/7, you won’t have to worry about anything.

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Mental Health

Dementia patients need patience, compassion and understanding, all of which can be provided by in-home care services. These caregivers have an in-depth knowledge of the disease and will know how to appease the patient. Your loved one might feel fearful in certain situations, even in your own home. With the caregiver by their side trying to calm them down, it will give them the companionship that they long for. It is easy to establish a meaningful connection between them because a caregiver is someone who’ll know why the patient is acting a certain way.

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Daily Routines

What makes an in-home caregiver necessary in your lives is that they help with the Alzheimer’s patients day to day activities. The disease causes its victims to forget how to do simple tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and bathing, among others. With a professional caregiver in your home, they’ll be able to do the meal preparation for the patient and help give them baths when needed. They also keep track of the prescribed medications so that the patient won’t forget to take it. They can also do light housekeeping and assistance during hospital appointments. They always aim to make the patient comfortable and satisfied.

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Taking care of your loved one who is suffering from the disease is a fulfilling task, but there could be times when you feel overwhelmed. It’s alright. You don’t have to feel bad about it. That is why if you want to give them a normal life as much as possible, then get them an in-home caregiver and enlist the help of Senior Care Companions. They provide a comfortable and safe environment for your loved ones. You don’t have to be alone in this so trust in them. See more caring information about Alzheimer’s at Live Enhanced.

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