Baby Checklist: The Second Time Around

Baby Checklist

Your baby will grow while you’re sleeping. It can be overwhelming to remember all you need to buy and adapt to in the first three months. The first three months after your child’s birth is filled with a never-ending list of tasks to do.

But a second baby means a second baby registry. People usually think the second baby registry must be easier to make than the first one. After all, you should already know what works and what doesn’t. Even experts in prenatal care agree that most things are more manageable with the second child than with the first. The second time around, make a list of the second baby must haves! It will help you stay on top of how far along your registry is!

We’ve developed the best tips and tricks for making the perfect second baby registry to help you. In this article, you will learn what products are most frequently added to a second baby registry and what else you need to know before creating your own.

How Is Having A Second Baby Different From The First?

Baby Checklist


A second child is like having a brand new beginning. You probably thought newborns the first time around were tiny people who wore small clothes and needed to be fed every few hours. But you’ve seen it once, so you know that’s not the case. It’s a lot trickier than it looks on the outside.

The thing is, though, it will be easier the second time. Easy by a million times. You know what to think. You know that you shouldn’t worry about every little sound he makes. You understand the basics of taking care of a child. Any parent will find it hard to go from one child to two, but having a second baby is okay. It can be a great time if you’re ready for what’s to come.

Should I Make A Second Baby Registry?

Yes, you should make a registry for your second baby! When expecting your second child, everything can feel like a “do-over.” You must rebuy it all, from diapers to shampoo for the baby. It’s like starting from scratch, except this time, it’s even pricier because you already have everything from your first child. But making a registry can help reduce some of those costs and make the entire process less stressful.

So, if you’re thinking about making a registry, here’s a list of things you must have:

1. Wipes

Baby Checklist


Wipes are another must-have for the baby registry. It would be a lot if you forgot the number of wipes you use in a day with a newborn! You’ll probably use them to change your baby’s diaper and clean up after your older child, so stock up!

2. Diapers

You should put diapers on your second baby registry. Unless you’re using cloth diapers, you’ll need tons of new diapers with your second baby. Use disposables for the first few weeks after giving birth because they fit so much better.

Don’t stock up on baby diapers. I always recommend buying 50 to 100 newborn diapers before buying more. You can register for multiple diaper sizes and hope to have enough for a year.

 3. Pacifiers / Bottle Nipples

Baby Checklist


Pacifiers aren’t safe for baby number two because the silicone or rubber starts to break down over time. Pacifiers are a must-have on your second baby registry because they help babies sleep.

 Bottle Nipples are also made of a material that breaks down over time, just like pacifiers. That means you can’t use them for a second child. You can add bottle nipples to your second baby registry for a low price. Now that you know how quickly your baby grows, get all the sizes of nipple flow.

4. Bouncer

If you didn’t buy a bouncer or rocking chair for your first child, you might need one for your second. This was an absolute lifesaver for me. I would be happy to put my second child in it for short periods while I played with and took care of my first child.

5. Baby Carrier

Baby Checklist


A baby carrier can also be a big help when you have two kids, just like a bouncer. You can wear your second baby in a wrap or carrier while watching your older child play, especially when you’re outside. I like to use a baby wrap for newborns because it’s more comfortable and safer. I switch to a baby carrier when the baby gets a little older.

6. More Clothes

Suppose your second child is of a different gender or is due in a different season than your first. Register for clothing that will last you the entire first year. Fortunately, people enjoy spending money on cute dresses for infants.

7. Nursery Blackout Curtains

Make sure the blackout curtains for your older child are closed so they don’t learn to wake up in the sun. Ensure your newborn has a comfortable sleeping environment by ensuring the room is pitch black. The fact that these blackout curtains may be used both at home and while traveling is one of the many reasons many adore them.

8. Bibs

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I dare anyone expecting a second child to use the same bibs twice. Having a second daughter meant I needed to buy a brand-new version. By the time I had a second child, the soiled fabric bibs from the first were breaking apart and starting to stink, and the plastic bibs were half shattered. Formula-fed infants, in particular, may notice that bibs take on an unpleasant odor and appearance after a while.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s clear that you must have a second baby registry. This is mainly because a mom of two will have so much more to do, and there are so many things you can list that will make mama’s life a lot easier. Some of these things are general, like clothes on the baby registry clothing checklist. Others, like diapers, are more specific must-haves for your baby registry. There are even some unusual things you can ask for on your baby registry that you might not have thought of, like a gift for yourself.

No matter what you put on your list, be polite and don’t put people under pressure to give you gifts. And keep an eye out for the things from your second registry that you liked the most because you might need to re-list them if you ever have a third baby.

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