Bathroom Vanities Adds Value to Your Home

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Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a house and the vanity bathroom is the centerpiece of the vanity. Vanity bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of colors and styles to coordinate with any bathroom color scheme. A vanity bathroom can be decorated with two or three sinks depending on your design and how much space you have. The vanity bathroom can also make a statement as an elegant modern room that makes a strong impact. The vanity bathroom should make a statement and not be lost in the crowd of other bathrooms.

Modern designers are incorporating many new elements into their designs including more natural materials like natural stone and marble to counter the effect of high-gloss paint and many new textures like glass, ceramic tile, hardwood, rattan, and bamboo. New textures and finishes add interest and enhance the ambiance of a bathroom that may be filled with chrome and metal. Using an area rug for the vanity bathroom helps to soften hard surfaces and adds a touch of color and texture.

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The vanity bathroom should be equipped with plenty of shelves and cabinets for storage. You can choose to use wall mounted shelves or install a medicine cabinet that sits on the floor between the vanity and bathroom cabinet. To save space you can choose to remove the sink and include a stand in the bathroom or add a corner basin. With today’s bathrooms being smaller and more limited in space there is no excuse for a small bathroom. You can find great bathroom vanities with lots of storage.

There are many vanities with a mirror already installed. This leaves more room on the floor for other items needed in the bathroom. Adding a stool with a mirror and seat will provide more comfort while bathing. A pedestal sink can be a centerpiece in the vanity bathroom as well as providing storage for items needed while bathing and for extra toiletries.

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If you have a large bath area you can consider installing an overhead cabinet instead of a vanity bathroom mirror. This type of cabinet can have drawers to store extra products, a shelf, and a mirror on each side. They can be wall-mounted if your bath is on the floor. With an overhead cabinet, you will still be able to see the reflection of yourself in the bathroom. However, you will not be able to clean your hands before applying makeup or washing a face because there is nowhere to reach.

A vanity bathroom can be designed with a lot of sophistication. You can have wooden cabinets, a metal look, or glass mirrors. The furniture can be traditional with simple lines or it can be contemporary with lights and mirrors. To add extra light and create an illusion of space you can have planters underneath the cabinets. Well-placed lighting will also create the appearance of a larger space than the actual size of the vanity unit.

It does not matter if you have an enormous bathroom space or only a little one, there is a vanity that will suit your needs. You can have the most luxurious looking units by choosing from expensive antique units. If you do not want to spend too much money on the vanity then you can find many budget-friendly ones as well. There are even vanity bathroom vanities made to order, which can be even better valued. If you are thinking of changing the layout of your room, then a new vanity is an excellent way to redo your bathroom. You could design it to suit your taste such as adding a saucer for additional storage and putting in a mirrored medicine cabinet for an even better look.

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A vanity bathroom vanity adds value to your home because it has a built-in decorative feature that can be enhanced with different accessories. It is very economical because you can keep the cost of operating your plumbing and electrical bills down. You can choose any color for the unit including white, black, ivory, cream, and natural colors. If you want it to be a little more unique, you can always add a custom cabinet of your own design.

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