How Burglars Break Into The House and How You Can Prevent Them


Gone are the days of burglars, wearing stereotypical black masks and aiming to get in & out of a house undetected, pocket-full. The times have changed drastically, i.e. the new-age burglars know how to hack the modern systems; raising the concerns of homeowners significantly.

The trauma is far greater than the financial losses that would sustain because the feeling of not being safe in your own house is disheartening and disturbing. However, you can prevent certain situations by knowing what those burglars look for, so read ahead to learn how you can protect your house and valuables from severe situations:

Ideal targets

Is your home an ideal target for thieves? What is considered a perfect target? A house which indicates that no one is going to return soon is a target. Similarly, a house with no alarm systems or cameras is considered a target. So, it is clear that no burglar would want to break inside a house, which is equipped with alarms, cameras or filled with people, as it will hamper his/her chances of getting out with the loot.

Yes, you can install the latest alarm systems and security cameras in every nook and corner of the house; however, showboating is something you need to take care of. Boasting about your upcoming vacations or events will help the burglars know when you are going to leave and return to the house; giving them the window of opportunity.


Hiding areas

Are you fond of bright lights, thick trees or shrubs that cover the entire landscape? Well, do you know that such elements offer the burglars places to hide? Houses, which provide adequate hiding places are the ones that are targeted first because the burglars get an option to stay hidden until it is the right time.

Yes, there is no harm in loving natural beauty or bright lights; however, it is advisable to keep the bushes trimmed and hang the lights carefully to make sure that they only enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home and not offer any valuable opportunities to burglars.

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Alarms and security cameras

As already mentioned above, alarms and security cameras are essential to ensure the safety of your loved ones and valuables; however, burglars look for such installations and try to disconnect them before the break-in.

This does not mean that you should avoid the cameras or alarms; however, it is advisable to not put them out in the front, i.e. you should not install any security gadget where it is visible. Yes, hidden systems are more efficient, as no one could disarm them.

Latest tech

People try to outsmart the burglars by installing modern security systems; however, what they do not understand is the fact that even the burglars are proficient enough to hack those systems. Every lock has a key!

If you want to keep your home 100% secure, then it is advisable to invest in modern security systems along with the traditional way, i.e. security guards. There is no crack for security guards other than assaulting; however, no burglar tries to do that, as it elevates the situation significantly.


Innovative methods

What do you do if a police officer or a government officer comes at your door for inspection or anything similar? Scouting is a common practice that determined burglars prefer if the payout is desirable. They disguise themselves as a policeman, cable installer or an expert handyman to get to know more about the neighborhood and the house. This allows them to plan their activities more efficiently.

What can you do if this happens? Firstly, it would help if you never allowed any stranger inside the house without verifying with the respective authorities and secondly, you should be alert about strangers in your neighborhood, especially the ones who look weirdly suspicious.

Security is a priority, and it needs to be valued to make sure you don’t fall prey to any such situations. The value of burgled houses reduces drastically, i.e. low resale value. You need to keep in mind that the locks are well-designed, security systems are foolproof, security cameras are installed at the right places, and you inform your neighbors every time you plan a vacation to make sure someone is looking after the home in your absence.

Stay alert! Stay safe! Beware!

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