23+ DIY Corner Ideas to Brighten up Your Boring Spot

corner shelves

The corners of houses are one of those areas that most people overlook or have no idea what to do with. It’s true that they’re just random areas that don’t have an automatic solution like the rest of the house. However, by making some cute shelves design, you can turn these unused spaces into a DIY interior design challenge. And, depending on how imaginative you are, the corner shelves may even become one of the most popular items in the room, despite how awkward the edges look.

Taking advantage of corner space is one of the best ways to maximize the space in your home. Every room has four corners, including corners between cabinets, corners in the bathroom, and corners in the kitchen.

You can transform a corner into its own space instead of filling up wall space with a bookshelf.

Take a look at these easy DIY creative corner ideas. You can either buy corner shelves to recreate these people’s designs, or you can use these images to inspire you to make your own!

Ikea Shelves 

You can buy this shelf ready-made and simply nail it to the wall, or you can make it yourself. To make it, you’ll need one wide plank of wood to which you’ll nail or screw the small pieces to shape the shelves, which can be as many as you want. 

DIY Floating Shelves

Floating corner shelves are easy to create, especially if you keep things simple like in this project. Start by nailing 1 x 1 piece in the corner, then place the triangular pieces above and below them. The final step is to cover the top and bottom pieces with a face board and your DIY corner shelf is ready.

DIY Corner Shelves 

These cute shelves will be perfect for that small and lonely corner in your living room. They’re designed to hang, so all you have to do is arrange your brackets in an attractive pattern on the two walls before installing the untreated pine boards.

Corner Shelf With Drawer 

Over a 1 x 1 and a face board, you’ll need to add some triangular parts on the corner for this shelving style. However, the bottom shelf should be larger than the others, and the front board should be replaced with a drawer.

Kitchen Corner Shelves 

corner shelves

source: amazon.com

If you don’t have enough money to transform those uncomfortable kitchen corners into fancy cabinets, shelves are the next best thing. Some, like these, are inexpensive and simple to make since they only require nailing some wood planks to the walls and a few small pieces to serve as brackets.

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Kids Bookshelf Corner 

You probably know what you want in your child’s nursery and how to decorate it, but corners are probably not on your list. However, a bookshelf like this one, which you can build yourself, can take care of them and give you a special place to store all of your children’s favorite books.

Cat-Box Corner Shelves

The aim of this project is to install some medium-sized cat shelves boxes in an odd corner. The pattern, which involves gently positioning them on the two walls, and the vivid colors are what make them look different.

Industrial Pipe Shelves

corner shelves

source: amazon.com

If you have some old industrial pipes lying around, this project will help you put them to good use. It involves installing them on the wall in an initial pattern with only enough room between them and the wall to hold books.

Small Storage Shelves

The cramped corner in your confined areas can be very useful for adding storage and beautifying your house. To make these lovely yet practical corner shelves, all you need are a few planks of wood and some small parts to serve as braces.

Bathroom Shelves Decor 

A 1 x 1 can also be fixed or screwed to the wall for these bathroom racks. The top and bottom sections will be fitted next, followed by the face board, and everything will be stained.

DIY 3D Shelves

Aren’t these 3D shelves the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? They’d be a perfect addition to every child’s space for keeping all of their precious little jewels sorted. Plus, since this shelf is so compact, it can fit into even the tiniest of bedrooms.

Shelves With Light 

You’ll need some medium-sized planks to build the frame for these box corner shelves, and you’ll finish them with plywood. You must paint the boxes and add the lovely lighting.

Plywood Corner Shelves

corner shelves

source: homebnc.com

This do-it-yourself project involves attaching some 12-inch plywood to the corner walls with pocket screws. However, you must be creative with the installation template because it is what makes the shelves look appealing.

Tree Bookshelf Corner 

This is the most creative corner shelf I’ve ever seen. The idea is basic, but it results in something spectacular. It involves making a huge log that runs from the ceiling to the floor the focal point of the shelves. To do this, drill holes in your shelf boards to allow the tree to move through.

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Wrap Around Shelves

This clever wrap-around style is ideal for coping with an uncomfortable protruding corner. The project entails making some 90-degree corner shelves out of tiny planks of wood, but you’ll also need wood glue to join them together on the corners.

Custom Corner Shelves 

The comparison between the black wall color and the white shelves is what gives these shelves an elegant appearance. However, they are very simple to build because all you need to do is place the solid board on the two walls and paint them white.

Rope Corner Shelves

Rope corner shelves are a creative way to add storage to any room. These light racks, on the other hand, are only good for small objects and knickknacks. Rope corner shelves are sleek and simple to set up if you have a buddy to assist you. These shelves, which can be mounted for less than $50, are ideal for bringing together small miscellaneous decorations in a room.

DIY Green Corner Stand 

corner shelves

source: pinterest.com

It can be difficult to find a decent place to store houseplants that isn’t in the way, and corner shelving can be a perfect solution. A DIY corner plant stand will make good use of unused space while still providing a home for your beloved house plant. You may also use corner plant stands to hold your houseplant set in one location. Choose a shelf position that will allow your plants to get enough sunshine, or use artificial lighting in conjunction with your plant shelf to help them out.

Wardrobe Corner Shelf 

Closets are often one of the most cluttered and disorganized areas of the home. This is usually due to a lack of appropriate storage choices. Adding some DIY closet corner shelves to your closet will provide you with additional closet storage for your wardrobe accessories or allow you to fully renovate your closet for storage purposes other than clothes. Corner closet shelves will protect your tiny closet products from being lost in the mess.

DIY Door Corner 

Repurposing materials in DIY building projects allows you to save money when creating something that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Using an old door to make a corner shelf may take some light woodworking skills, but the end result is unlike any other shelves you’ve seen. Look in thrift and antique shops for good doors that were discarded during remodeling projects. These wooden shelves can also be painted in a number of colors and textures to fit any interior design scheme.

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8 Min Corner shelves 

If you need some storage quickly, these eight-minute corner shelves are the project for you. These shelves aren’t particularly fancy, but they’re basic and compact enough to fit in a variety of settings. If you want to spend a little more time, these shelves can also be painted or stained to match the rest of the room’s decor. This project needs only basic woodworking equipment like planks, a saw, finishing nails, and wall anchors.

DIY Gallery 

corner shelves

source: bobvila.com

You don’t have to go to an art museum to have a good time at a gallery. Showcase your own DIY gallery wall with framed prints or paintings to add conversation starters to your living room corner. With little to no effort, you can turn an ordinary wall corner into the focal point of a space.

Window Corner Shelf 

Make the most of natural light by designing a comfortable seat where your window meets the corner of the room. All you need is a cushioned bench and some comfy throw pillows to transform an ordinary window into a reading and coffee nook.

Office Nook Corner 

While not every home has enough room for an office, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a small office nook. If the room is suitable, transform it into a workstation by putting a desk and chair in place. Try to balance the room’s style so that the nook complements rather than detracts from the overall look.


Shelving can be used to store a variety of items, but they all have one thing in common: they can add much-needed storage to any room in your home. In your home, any awkward bare corner with no storage options is just taking up space. DIY corner shelves storage can help homeowners keep items off the floor and organized in neat, orderly spaces in a variety of rooms, including bathrooms and bedrooms. Maintaining a clutter-free environment with ample storage is just as important for making your home functional as it is for making it attractive.

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