How to Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving

Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving

You will learn how to cultivate garden land without the need for a farmer. The hand jack has many advantages in the garden as a motor lift. With hard work, you may find that hand cultivation is a better choice for your vegetable garden and other types of gardens.

The no-till planting method is called double digging. You will be entitled to work if you cultivate the field. Some people can garden on elevated flower beds instead of fields. You can provide raised beds on request.

Raised bedding

Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving


If you decide to dry the beds, you will work in paintings instead of rows. Most garden beds do not cultivate the land because high beds do not require it. However, there are times when cultivation is desirable, such as a neglected and elevated flower bed. In this case, you will follow the instructions for cultivating the row garden, only instead of rows you will work in the fields.

Build tools and supplies

You will need some tools and possible supplies. Before you go to the garden, make sure you buy it and have what you need. These include a shovel, a shovel, a shovel fork, a garden rake, a wheelbarrow and a good pair of work gloves to prevent blisters.

Arrange all landscaping

Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving


Before you start tiling the garden, you want to organize all the soil changes you need to use. These are soil changes such as compost, clay, peat, green sand, lime, etc. Find out if your country needs change and where. Check the condition of your soil with various soil tests to run the garden at the height, width and center of the garden to get a complete picture of the condition of the soil. If you plan to use manure, add it as well.

The best time to give up the garden

The best time to give up your garden is early spring. Location planning after the last spring cold. If possible, time your activity before new plants grow or at least until new plants start to penetrate the soil.

Hand plant growing
Ensure that the Earth is ready

Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving


You should only work in good soil conditions. If the ground is a little frozen, reschedule the digging. If it’s been raining for a week and your garden is full of water, plan your digging again. You want the land to be usable and not muddy. Dig about 8 inches deep and take a handful of soil, squeeze it into a ball and then crush it. If the soil breaks easily, your soil is dry enough for you to study. If your soil is loose. And my clay is not compact, there is no reason to cultivate the garden.

Step one: Start with a good mulch

You want to add about an inch of compost to your garden space and any soil changes. Before you start digging, spread this material over the entire garden area. This will ensure that mulch is mixed into your soil to help break it down and provide the necessary nutrients.

Step Two: Start in the corner of the garden

You want to start digging in the corner of the garden. You should work the entire length of your land by digging in a row that is about 10 “to 12” wide and 12 “deep. The width and depth will ensure that you cover the space needed to grow healthy plants.

Step three: Move the earth

Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving


You will pile up the soil, which you will take over the top of the ditch you are digging. When you reach the other end of your garden, you descend another twelve inches and begin digging another ditch (row). This time you move the bottom of the second row to the first row. You want to start the second row directly below the first row so that the whole soil is plowed.

Step Four: Continue digging the lines

Continue working according to this pattern, dig the row, lay the soil in the previous row until you reach the last row. This row will be filled with the soil you removed from the front row. If you work in a large garden, you will need to get a wheelbarrow to move the lost land to the last row.

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Gardener digging a ditch

Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving


An alternative method of double digging in the same row

Another popular double digging method does not require the entire row of soil to be moved to another row. Instead, you work on ground blocks and replace the ground in the same row.

Position the first scoops of dirt as needed to reach a 12 “depth in the ground along the edge of the row. Other shovel grooves in the ground next to the first block are dropped directly into the first hole you are digging.
You repeat along the entire length of the row.

When you reach the end of the row, place the bottom of the new row and start the second directly below the first.
When you reach the end of your second row, fill in the last block of land from the first block you dug.
Repeat this process until you have cultivated your garden space. Tips for starting hand soil in the garden
A few tips will help you dig your hand. Your garden will thrive thanks to this type of cultivation.

You don’t have to give up your entire garden space. You can choose to cultivate only the area where your seeds will place plants or transplants.

During the process of digging up the soil and diving into the rows, you will want to break all the pieces of clay with a shovel, shovel or rake. You must remove any stones or stones you find from the growing area.

Take care of your garden only once to prevent disturbing worms or loss of soil nutrients.

Soil that is plowed by hand is denser than soil that is plowed by a machine and provides a good home for plant roots.
You can use the wide fork to loosen the bottom even more if you already have a ditch or block groove.

Before sowing the seeds and planting the plants, do not forget to remove all the stones and level the soil with a rake. Do not add fertilizers until your plants start to bloom. There is no need to add manure when using compost.
This video shows you how to use a wide fork and double dig a planted area:

Do you need to cultivate the garden?

Cultivate the Soil Without a Cultivator by Double Engraving


The growing trend is the placement of gardens. The basic premise is that you should not disturb the beneficial nutrients and worms that live underground. It also saves fuel, equipment, water and modifications. However, some gardeners complain about the constant resistance to weeds, the rapid spread of fungi or diseases when using this method of plants.

Simple Steps How to cultivate the soil without a cultivator

Growing a garden without a farmer can be a very demanding process. This 19th-century French technique can provide you with many benefits and save you on farming and maintenance costs. You can try double digging in a small garden to see if this is a technique you might like.

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