Discover a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Without Side Effects

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Multiple sclerosis or MS is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system. Symptoms often include numbness in the limbs, tremors, electric-shock sensations, blurry vision, fatigue, dizziness, and slurred speech. The range and severity of the symptoms can vary significantly from person to person, and they tend to worsen as the disease progresses.

The Problem with Conventional Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

There is no cure for MS, but neurologists prescribe injectable medication such as corticosteroids and beta interferons, as well as oral medication such as Fingolimod, Teriflunomide, and Siponimod. However, all of these treatments carry health risks which range from skin irritation and flu-like symptoms to high blood pressure and a lowered white blood cell count. Nausea, headaches, and vision problems are also common.

Apart from physical therapy, most other multiple sclerosis treatment options come with side effects, some of them potentially dangerous. However, there is another multiple sclerosis treatment that may alleviate the symptoms of the condition, slow down its progress, and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Auriculopuncture – An Alternative Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

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This alternative multiple sclerosis treatment is called auricular acupuncture therapy with a permanent needle. Also known as auriculopuncture for MS, it is compatible with all other MS treatments. Anyone suffering from MS may consider it in addition to the treatments he or she is undergoing and, in some cases, as a potential alternative to them.

Auriculopuncture for MS entails a single session of up to 45 minutes. During the treatment, tiny titanium needles are implanted under the skin of the ear under local anesthesia. These needles are permanent – once implanted, they always perform peripheral stimulation. While this multiple sclerosis treatment was introduced in the early 2000s by Dr. Ulrich Werth, it can be traced back to ancient Chinese acupuncture.

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The Benefits of Auriculopuncture as a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

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This alternative multiple sclerosis treatment requires considerably less time than traditional acupuncture. Also, it is less demanding on the patient. With traditional acupuncture, the patient would have to attend two or three weekly sessions in a specialized center. In the case of people suffering from MS, a condition which can significantly restrict movement, conventional acupuncture treatments can be challenging to follow.

The multiple sclerosis treatment with a permanent needle may reduce weakness in the arms and legs, improve stability, and lessen the feeling of tiredness that affects many people who suffer from MS. It may also improve word articulation, walking, movement, and swallowing.

Additionally, it can reduce constipation that results from MS medication, and it decreases the constant urge to go to the bathroom. Taken together, these improvements help a person suffering from multiple sclerosis live a fuller, more active life.

Discover a New Way to Treat MS

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Are you currently undergoing a multiple sclerosis treatment? Auriculopuncture for MS can help you improve your quality of life. This one-session treatment can help you move more easily and feel better while improving some of the condition’s most challenging symptoms. Learn more about this alternative multiple sclerosis treatment today.

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