11+ DIY Pencil Organizer and Holders: 5 Min Craft

DIY Pencil Organizer

Let’s get into the crafting spirit with some of the best DIY pencil holders I could find! We all appreciate a clean and well-organized workspace or play area, don’t we? And there’s nothing better than creating something you’ll use on a daily basis. So, make an awesome pencil organiser to get rid of all the clutter on your desktop. Find a style that inspires you and let’s get started!

Just to make it easier for you to make all of these wonderful pencil holders that will wow the audience? We have shared here a collection of  20+ DIY pencils organizer or holder ideas that are sure to be loved by all and are willing to deliver amazing visual details on any of your desks as well as an organised charm!

Rustic Mason Jar  

DIY Pencil Organizer

source: pinterest.com

Mason jars may be used as the base for a number of crafts due to how easily they can be graced. Make these adorable pencil holders for you and your children to use when the kids go back to school. They’ll look excellent on your home desk if you’re searching for chalk paint, a farmhouse feel! Remember this tutorial for your next DIY weekend!

Back To School

Returning to school may be difficult for both parents and children… or perhaps just the children, lol. Making a nice pencil holder is a great way to get into the back-to-school spirit. Following these five steps will ensure a fun-filled afternoon, as well as a wonderful present for their teacher.

Paper Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Organizer

source: hellowonderful.co

If you have more time, you may try something a little more complicated. For example, if you have any paper cores or paper tubes lying around, you may transform them into lovely pencil holders. 1 paper core, 2 thick cardboard pieces, 3 yarns, 3 felts, masking tape, and glue are required to produce one item. First, measure the tube’s circumference and cut a circle out of thick cardboard. Tape it to the bottom of the paper tube and put a piece of felt on top. After that, begin wrapping the yarn. As you go, glue it. If you want, you may add additional decorations at the end. 

Convert a Book into a Pencil Organizer

We also discovered a pretty fascinating idea. It’s a pencils organizer, too, but this one has numerous compartments and requires an old book. The sample is built from a phone book that has been chopped down to size. You must divide the book’s pages evenly into five pieces. Then, in the centre, roll the spine tightly and attach a pencil to it. Curve the parts, make loops, and secure them using binder clips. Then, trim the ends of the pages to make them square. Then, using glue, bind the loops. Apply Mod Podge to the loops, starting with the top edges and working your way down. 

DIY Gold Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Organizer

source: homedit.com

Why buy a pencil holder or desk organiser when you can make your own? This cool desk organiser is available in stores for approximately $50. You may also prepare it yourself for roughly $3. It’s truly a no-brainer. This one is built from thrift shop treasures such as vases and tins that you just paint over and connect to aboard. You could already have everything you need to make this one at home, which means it’s free! Don’t you think that’s a lot better than $50?

Colour Pencil Branch Holder

This small repurposed branch pencil holder would be ideal for organising your coloured pencils. This is a free project since you create it out of a piece of wood that you may probably find in your yard. To make the holes, all you need is a drill and maybe a clear varnish to keep it bright and protected. There are so many fantastic, not to mention inexpensive, DIY projects that can be made from sticks and twigs!

Straight Zip Pencil Case

DIY Pencil Organizer

source: weallsew.com

Have you ever discovered that squeezing a pencil case into your luggage on top of everything else you’re carrying is troublesome since they’re bulky? Then we think you’d like these fantastic flattened style pencil cases. They’re also really easy to build, even if you’re a newbie.

Pencil Holder With Cork 

There are several patterns that appear to be strange that you may use for your DIY pencil holder. It may seem antique, but trust me when I say that they are usually the most durable. Cork may be used to create something unique and stronger. Make detailed cork circles of the same diameters. Glue them together to make a stack. Drill a few holes in it, and you’re done.

No-sew Pencil Organizer

Maybe you’re an artist who wants to construct a case for your favourite pencils that will also keep them organised, rather than just keeping them together? In that case, we think you’ll get along pretty smoothly with this art roll-style pencil case, which is essentially a DIY replica of what pros use!


Maybe you just want a simple pencil case in a traditional design, but you really enjoy the concept of designing something colourful and fun? In that case, we highly recommend checking out this guide, which shows you how to construct a creative block-coloured case with contrastingly patterned materials.

Neon Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Organizer

source: thesprucecrafts.com

Do you want to construct a quiet boxer standing case, but you don’t have enough fabric to make the inner lining a different colour than the exterior, and you don’t have anything else to make a blocked contrast on the bottom of the exterior? In such a situation, we’d recommend grabbing for the paint and painting a great neon portion.

Cute Cat Holder

If you’re going to put in the time and effort to construct your own DIY pencil case, would you rather design something adorable and unique? In that case, we highly recommend checking out this lovely anime cat case that opens and closes its mouth as you zip or unzip it to get the pencils in and out like the cat is devouring them!

Shark Pencil Case

Have we truly caught your interest with the idea of sewing yourself a character pencil case that seems like it’s devouring all of your writing tools, but you can’t help but believe you’d rather construct anything other than a cat? If you or one of your children has ever been a lover of marine animals, we think you’ll enjoy this amusing shark pencil case in less steps than you may guess.

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