How You Can Easily Get Money for Your Family’s Pigeon Forge Vacation

Family’s Pigeon Forge Vacation

You might feel like you need a vacation. Maybe you haven’t taken one since 2019. Some people only now feel like traveling makes sense. With a vaccine and a booster shot, you and your family can hit the road this summer.

You may target Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Creating a budget for your Pigeon Forge vacation might not happen easily, though. 

Maybe you feel like you have very little left over after paying your monthly bills. If you have only a little in savings after your monthly mortgage payment and paying your utility bills, you may think you can never take that trip you want.

You can usually make a Pigeon Forge trip happen, though. We will discuss how right now.   

Why Visit Pigeon Forge?

Family’s Pigeon Forge Vacation


First, we will talk about why you might visit Pigeon Forge with the family. It’s not very expensive, and that’s probably one huge point in its favor.

If you visit Pigeon Forge, you won’t pay Disneyworld prices or anything even close. You can enjoy the theme parks there, and they won’t break the bank. You can book inexpensive hotel or motel rooms.

You can also see some shows and walk in the woods. Overall, if you consider what you’d pay there versus what you’d pay in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, you’ll see that a Pigeon Forge vacation makes sense if you don’t have much cash.

Now, let’s discuss how you can save up and make this trip happen.

Buy Food in Bulk

Family’s Pigeon Forge Vacation


If you’re saving up with a Pigeon Forge trip in mind this year, you might buy food in bulk. You can get a Costco or a Sam’s Club membership. When you do that, you’ll pay a yearly fee, but you can buy bulk rice, bulk bread, and other items that you can use for family dinners and other meals.

If you bought that food piecemeal at a grocery store, it would cost much more. If you purchase bulk pasta and things like that, you can stretch your food budget. That’s one way you can put some vacation money aside.

Pick Up Some Extra Shifts or Get a Second Job

During the pandemic, some workers quit their jobs and didn’t return. Some felt like they could find better work elsewhere. This means your job might have extra shifts you can pick up.

If you can, you might get time-and-a-half when working those shifts. If your boss doesn’t have extra work for you, you may also find a second job. If you get a second part-time job, you can put that money into your vacation fund.

Get a Personal Unsecured or Secured Loan

Family’s Pigeon Forge Vacation


You can also get a small loan if you approach a credit union or bank. If you have at least decent credit, you should get one with no trouble. If you have good credit, then you can get an unsecured loan, and you can enjoy a low interest rate.

You can also get a secured loan if you don’t have the best credit. If you do that, though, you must use something valuable as collateral, like your car, house, or some jewelry. Some people aren’t comfortable doing that.

If you get a loan, make sure that you can pay it back promptly. You want your memorable Pigeon Forge vacation, but you do not want to take on major debt to make that happen.

You Can Sell Some Things

You might also get some vacation money if you sell some things that you don’t need. If you have a cluttered house, you may feel better once you do this.

You can look in your garage, shed, and attic and see what you can find. You might check the basement as well. If you have some items that you no longer use, like an old snowblower or some sports equipment, you can sell those. You can have a yard sale and put up some signs around the neighborhood.

You can take video games you no longer want and find a GameStop if there’s one nearby. Maybe you have an old gaming system you no longer need.

You may also sell some items via an online site like eBay and The RealReal. You can quickly get some vacation cash that way.

If you use all these techniques, you should accumulate some money you can use to visit Pigeon Forge. Your family should appreciate the effort you’ve made and thank you for it.

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