Google Has Stopped Production of Smart Speaker – Google Home Max

Google Has Stopped Production of Smart Speaker

Google has discontinued making the software released back in 2017; the white and black versions on the Google Shop are now described as out of stock. As per the news, the technology giant has withdrawn the Google Home Max smart speaker from its product list. 

In the meantime, Google Nest Hub Max has begun to receive an early taste of Zoom calls in select countries. Although they have to merge Google Duo and Google Meet into the Nest Hub Max, the latter has multiple changes to enhance video chatting functionality.

Google’s statement on Google Home, Max

Google Has Stopped Production of Smart Speaker


Google notified the media that Google Home Max was no longer being manufactured and classify it for sale on the Google Store. The article also notes that with app upgrades and security patches, Google will support the smart speaker. Current customers will not see any difference in their functionality.

Google Nest Hub Max’s new collaboration

In the meantime, users of Google Nest Hub Max will shortly be enabled to use Zoom for video-conferencing. In Australia, Canada, and the US, Zoom support has begun rolling out to consumers. Both free and paying consumers will be able to use the function. With this, the cases of Google Duo and Google Meet are joining Zoom.

What can users do with this updated Next Hub Max?

Google Has Stopped Production of Smart Speaker


They expect users to have a Zoom account, connect it to the computer, and attach it to the Google Calendar Invite and use Zoom on a smart display. “Use the Next Hub Max to open Zoom or say Google Meet, Google Duo and say, “Hey Google, enter my new meeting” or “Hey Google, begin a Zoom call.

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What new features can users enjoy?

That is not all; for Nest Hub Max members, Google has yet another update. On the smart device, the tech giant has added changes to Google Meet, along with an in-call clock to hold assignments on time. We could see it on the monitor by clicking. You will also be able to locate and display name tags on account names for individual accounts.

Another upgrade provides a 2×2 grid display that allows you to see up to four meeting participants at a time. Also, an overloaded menu will enable you to know the call attendees not included in the specified format.

Improvements in the device after Zoom’s takeover

Google Has Stopped Production of Smart Speaker


They have adequately upgraded the machines to correctly generate or optimize video call traffic for Google meet and zoom. Also, the customers of Google or nest Wi-Fi would note an increase in video calls’ efficiency. In particular, the upgrade was required when more and more individuals would use the video call feature to communicate with friends and family during the festive season.

Besides, the zoom has become a valuable video conferencing method for individuals to communicate this year in the middle of the disease outbreak that has pressured individuals to retain social isolation remotely.

Google’s services will benefit users

For qualifying users, the Google Meet improvements are now being carried out. Google Workspace Basics, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Basics, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus are open to consumers and G Suite General, Business, School, Company for Educational programs and consumer non-profits.

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