Headshots for Professionals in Vancouver: Why You Need One

Professionals in Vancouver

Are you a professional looking to revamp your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps, your company needs your picture for the company’s “Meet Our Team” webpage? If you are in any of these situations or something similar, you have probably considered taking a picture all by yourself. After all, isn’t it just a picture? 

Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but any picture you have on your professional online space is not just a picture. The costs of Vancouver headshots by professional photographers may make you think you can make do without them. But if you want to make the most of your online presence, you can’t make do without a professional headshot. 

The industry you work in or if you have a senior, mid, junior, or even entry role does not matter. As a professional in any field, you need a corporate headshot that will make a good and lasting impression. Sadly, you can’t take this picture by yourself, you’ll need to get the help of a professional photographer. We can think of a thousand reasons you need your headshot taken by a professional, but in this article, we will list and discuss 7 important reasons. 

Aids Professionalism 

Professionals in Vancouver

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Professionalism is a very important factor that career people aim to have. A lot of professionals take courses and read different articles and books to develop and improve their professionalism. You may click here to learn how to boost your professionalism. A headshot done by an expert photographer can significantly aid your online professionalism and credibility. 

First Impression Matters 

When you meet a person for the first time, chances are you’ll judge that person within minutes of meeting them. This is because they must have done something that has made either a negative or positive impression on you. Sometimes, even after several years of knowing that person, the first impression you have of them won’t leave. 

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The same thing applies to your career life. When someone encounters you professionally, they will note one or two things about you. If the meeting is physical, you have a fair chance of making them see you in a good light by comporting yourself the way you are supposed to. 

But when it is online, they can only judge you by what you have put out there. Having a headshot done by a photographer on your website, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms will make a good first impression. While people may not automatically want to work with you just because you have a great picture, it can make them more inclined to learn more about you and eventually work with you. 

Improves Your Confidence 

Professionals in Vancouver

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Confidence is another necessary ingredient that every business owner and career person must have. While there are several ways to boost your confidence, a professional headshot can go a long way in improving your confidence. When you know that any potential client who reaches out to you has seen your great picture, you can speak more confidently with them. 

It Can Improve Your Website/Social Media Platform Content 

Everyone in today’s world knows how important content is. What many do not know is that pictures are one of the most versatile types of content. One great picture can generate a powerful reaction in people. 

Having a professional headshot on your website or social media platform can go a long way in making the platform/website more engaging. It can aid your brand reputation and authority in so many ways. You can use the pictures on articles and blog posts to make them more credible since a face will be attached to the written information. You can also use the pictures for your promotional materials and offline marketing campaigns.

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Helps You Stand Out 

A simple scroll on LinkedIn will show you that several other people are doing the same thing as you are. If you are looking for a job or even clients, being in a saturated industry certainly does not help. In cases like this, staying ahead of the competitionis a very important ingredient for success. Click here to learn more. One of the best ways to set yourself apart from everyone else is to have a good-quality picture on your profile.


Professionals in Vancouver

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Branding is one thing that most companies are particular about. But did you know that you also need a brand as an individual? When people check you out, you want them to see a particular theme: professionalism. Now, you can’t achieve this if you have different types of mismatched pictures or even no profile pictures across your different online platforms. 

When you have a professional headshot, you can easily use the pictures across your different platforms. This will create a consistency that will aid your self-image and branding. If someone checks you up on LinkedIn and finds a nice picture, they should also find an equally visually appealing picture when they check your company’s “Our team” website and other platforms. 

Can Aid Your Online Visibility 

If you run a business and have a company website, chances are you know about SEO. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, a digital marketing practice that companies use to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing. There are several features used in SEO to boost a company’s online visibility; one of such features is images. 

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When you have a headshot done by an expert, you can easily optimize it to help you rank in Google Images search results. This will increase your overall visibility online. When prospective users go to your website, these images can make them see your credibility and authority in your industry. This can also make them pick you over your competitors. 


Taking a headshot for your professional space by yourself may seem ideal especially when you consider the costs of having an expert to do one for you. However, there are several reasons why it may be better to leave the job to the professionals. This article has discussed some of these reasons. So, next time you need a picture, and you are tempted to do it yourself, consider these reasons and then make the right choice for your career. 

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