10 Home Decor Trends That Will Rule in 2022

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2021 has seen the continuation of last year’s tumultuous COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, things are changing for the better and finally assuming a semblance of normalcy. 

Home décor trends are also experiencing a stark shift with the loosening of social distancing restrictions and the introduction of mass vaccinations. That said, some dynamics, such as home workspaces and remote technologies, are here to stay because of the positive impact they’ve had on our lives. 

To help better forecast the future of home decor, we’ve compiled a list of the ten hottest home decor trends that experts believe will rule in 2021.


home decor

source: houseandhome.com

Japandi brings the best of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism. The concept focuses on sustainable open spaces, simple lines, and neutral color palettes. It fuses Scandinavian functionality with Japanese simplicity to create a lasting feeling of peace, openness, and serenity. 

Before this year, Japandi didn’t have a distinct identity. But now, it’s becoming more defined and gaining recognition as a standalone element.  


The coronavirus pandemic confined us to small gatherings. In 2021, this change will turn our attention towards outdoor spaces. 

Instead of staying locked in our rooms, we’ll embrace the Danish philosophy of “free air life” or “friluftsliv,” taking full advantage of patios, balconies, and backyards. This will also see the increased utilization of weatherproof upholstery, cozy patio furniture, and other outdoor furniture.  

Divided Zones

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source: pinterest.com

In 2021, divided spaces will force a move away from open floor plans. 

Because of social distancing, many people have fashioned dedicated corners. The need for privacy and peace of mind has turned our homes into multifunctional spaces ─ workspace, gym, study, etc. This shift will increase the demand and application of various kinds of traditional and creative room dividers, such as extra-high curtains, drapery rods, and makeshift wardrobes. 

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A Natural Outlook 

Last year has been all about reconnecting with nature. This year, the sentiment’s going to continue.

Green home décor is all the rage right now. Therefore, many people have reintroduced green colors and natural materials into their homes. Indoor plants have risen as a home décor mainstay for a good reason. They cleanse the air, reminding people of the significance of sustaining the environment. 

As we spend more time indoors, our reliance on outdoor fabrics will also increase. They’re composed of durable material, which makes them perfect for at-home wear. 

Entertainment Spaces

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source: home-designing.com

With cinemas, bookstores, and restaurants closing, staying in is the new going out. People will adjust to this change with bigger TVs, cutting-edge sound systems, and atmospheric home theatres.

Dining will also change, with an increased appreciation for indoor seating in the form of aesthetically pleasing kitchen tables, chairs, and dinnerware. People will try to replicate the atmosphere they shared outdoors with their loved ones. 


Comfort is expected to be the hottest décor trend of 2021. 

More and people have had to work remotely, cooped up in their rooms. As a result, versatile furniture will take over our living spaces. People will move comfy sofas, layering cushions, knits, and faux furs to their bedrooms to close the distance to “comfort furniture“. We will also see natural textures, materials and tactile colors become commonplace to help add personality and character to our surroundings. 

Light-toned Wood

home decor

source: home-designing.com

Dark wood shades have been going out for the past few years, which will continue in 2021. Light-toned wood blends tend to uplift a home’s aesthetic appeal and create better contrasts, adding an air of elegance and coziness. That’s why they’re likely to stay in fashion. 

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Going the Old Way

Fan of the old school home décor? It’s going to make a surprise return in 2021. With increased emphasis on space and comfort, more and people will rely on traditional home décor. So you’ll see an increased use of cozy sofas, floral patterns, knotty wood exteriors, softer curves, and fabric prints. 

Round Furniture

source: dodofinance.com

Simple and functional furniture will take the front seat in 2021. Round sofas, tables, and various other types of round furniture will see a rise to prominence. Because of their comfortable look and feel, they’ll become go-to spots for reading books or binge-watching Netflix. Apart from this, less minimal or mid-century furniture will also feature in our indoor spaces. 

Automation and Technology

Technology is going to play a huge part in home spaces in 2021. 

Affordable automation in the form of smart thermostats, motion sensors, robot vacuum cleaners, and other AI-controlled gadgets and devices will revolutionize the way we live indoors. So whether we’re listening to music or combatting the cold, bleak winter, we’ll rely on technology to serve our indoor needs. 


Many home décor trends will make a comeback and fade in 2021. This is expected, considering the significant effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on our lives. People will reach for comfort, openness, and timelessness, and our home décor will reflect this changing mindset. 

Keeping the interior design of your home up to date and on trend is a great way to add appeal to your home. It is important to stay informed on what is popular. If you are researching home décor trends in order to spruce up your house prior to sale, you may also require a house valuation. By hiring an independent valuation service, you will ensure that all property related decisions you make are well informed. 

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