Home Decorating Tricks To Personalize Your Space

Making your space personal means decorating it to suit your taste. But our tastes can run wild and bring around a serious clash with the color palette. That is why we all need some guidance. If you feel that your space is too bland and you would like to spruce it some, well, you will need some tips.

Here are a few that you can test:

Bring in some Greenery

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Well, it may be just a potted plant to many people, but the good thing is that a plant on your room says many things about your personality. You love to have nature around you because nature assuages you, makes you feel calm or something. Besides, nature fits in everywhere. That is why we work so hard so that we can have that corner office with a view of the garden. Even in the confusion of a small room, you will still find a space for a potted plant, if you squeeze hard enough.

A Mirror Creates an Illusion of Space, and Sophistication

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A mirror is a thoughtful addition in any personal space. Besides, it helps to have a mirror to look at the most wonderful person every time you can – you! But the real reason why you need a mirror in your home is that it breaks the monotony of the place. It also creates an illusion of space where there is none. A mirror will also capture light and help spread it around the room.

Personal Bookshelf

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The thing with books is that if you love a book, you love it! Thus, your bookshelf at home is so dear to you because it contains books that you personally love. In other words, your book collection is all about you. So go ahead and display it. Books say a lot about our personality.

Art Makes a Happy Wall

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Walls have personality. Some are sad, some are happy. When you have a plain white wall, well, it looks and feels sad. Unfortunately, sad walls can also pass the mood down to you. A painting, a splash of color can help a lot. The wall picture or painting does not have to be a Picasso, but it should be something that pleases your eyes to look at every time. Choose a landscape painting – such are always cheerful.

Spruce up the Floor

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The floor of any room, big or small takes a lot of beating from the foot traffic. At the same time, the floor is always neglected, left to look bland and boring. However, you should see the change that a terrific rug could bring to the floor. It is incredible! Carpets can help keep the room warm for your feet.

Remove Clutter

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Your personal space can look much better if your signature is to clean up after yourself. Clutter makes the best of rooms look shabby and unkempt most of the time. Even if it is your bedroom, do not leave that sock lying around on the floor. Toss it into the laundry basket. Practice removing clutter, even the smallest things that seem out of place until it becomes second nature to you. This applies also to the walls. Too many paintings and pictures can make a wall look unhealthily cluttered. Moderation is paramount.

Souvenirs, Collections and Mementos

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All of these are special. They are items that you have earned, or collected for their sheer appeal. Nothing could be more personal in your space than a display of trophies, personal collections and souvenirs. This is why anglers stuff and mount fish, deer hunters display stuffed deer heads at home and sailors have miniature ships on their wall. It adds so much character to the walls, something that most likely be duplicated because it is all about you.


Personalizing your space can give you wonderful feel around the rooms. But you might not be the person to do it all right and sometimes it is best idea to hire professionals to do things for you. If you are from Santa Barbara, you should consider hiring a Santa Barbara interior designer to do the job of personalizing your space for you. If you are from Malibu, choose one of the best interior designers Malibu for the best interiors.  Hiring professional interior designers can save you money, efforts and give you stunningly beautiful interiors.

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