How To Format Your Resume – Australian Style

You might be thinking how important it is to have a country-specific resume and why UK resumes cannot fit in the Australian job market? You already know that each resume and cover letter you frame is customized for a specific company, the same way the job market of each and every country is different. A well-formatted resume is very important to bag a good job because only a proper resume gets through all the steps of the hiring process.


Delve deeper into the Australian job market

When you are writing a resume yourself or even when the professionals are designing it for you, the key is to research different resume templates and styles. There are so many samples available online, you can take ideas, implement and prepare a resume that is worth accepting. Yes, your qualifications, experience all other things do matter because you are applying for the position that you think you are suitable for. Now, are you applying for jobs in Australia but is your resume at par Australian standards? First of all, it is important to know how Australians are and how is the job market there. You must be aware of their corporate culture which will make the process of getting a job easier

How to format your resume in Australian style

Resume differs from one country to another, thus an Australian resume is pretty different. Now, are you thinking about how to write an Australian resume? There are a few essential things you must know so that you can successfully format your resume in the Australian style.


Getting your CV accepted:

Australians have a pretty laid back attitude but they stand for professionalism and confidence. Something they dislike is overconfidence, never flaunt. Your resume must give a picture of you as a capable, competent and professional candidate. Remember you must not be carried away and keep the writing as natural as possible, it must not sound like it’s written by learned intellectuals. Bragging too much is something they do not like; there is no time for such extensive stories. Learn to maintain a balance and do not undersell your skills. Do not act as if you are a Messiah but just a confident applicant.

You must know the Australian resume structure:

You need to write your resume as the Australians accept, it’s a different cultural background. If you are applying for a senior position, get your CV written by a tier-1 professional, there are so many who help with resume writing services. Australians do not like a one-page resume but it must not exceed five pages either. Recruiters expect you to submit a 3-4 pages resume that has all needful details. The formatting must be simple, clean, the font styles and sizes must be of international standard. Australian companies do not want to see images, tables, and graphs in resumes. Australian English is very similar to British English, stick to it. There must not be linguistic or spelling errors. Write on and print out A4 size papers.


Your resume headline and photograph:

The headline appears below the name, it is like a tagline. The headline must be a right match with the job you are applying for. It is great if you could include certifications and highlight your specifications. Australian resumes do not have photographs attached because it’s not the trend in the country.

Personal Information:

In Australia, the privacy law is very strict therefore it is not necessary to include personal information.



Working in the land of kangaroos can be a really nice experience but you have to follow the do’s and don’ts while framing a resume. Basically, the Australian recruitment process is lengthy; there are immense expectations and involvement of stakeholders. Once you receive calls or appointments, be on time and bag the job you are fit for. It’s good for candidates to know the basics; it’s great even if you can master the art. A resume is the key, you might be an expert in your task but you must also know that resume writing is an art. Hire one of the best resume writing experts, an agency that is experienced in writing Australian resumes. Do check testimonials, their past work and hear from old clients before you handover the assignment. Make your dream of relocating overseas come true with a marvelous job offer.

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