Houston Vein Specialist: 8 Signs You Need to See a Doctor

Houston Vein Specialist

Your veins would have to play a very crucial role in your whole body because they are the ones that distribute your blood all over your body, and then back up to your heart. So when there is something wrong with your veins and you don’t do something about it as soon as possible, it could lead to a lot of serious problems. That is why you are going to need to visit a Houston vein specialist that would help you fix any underlying issues.

Your legs feel weak at the end of the day, or after standing for a while

Houston Vein Specialist

You may deem it normal for your legs to feel weak after you stand up for a long time, but it is really not and this could actually be a sign that you have issues on your veins. When you have Varicose veins, it could lead to you making your legs feel weaker and heavier, which would only feel much worse. 

When you start feeling pain at the end of the day or after you stay standing up for a while, then you could elevate your legs so that you could relieve the pain. 

You have a tender lump in your leg

Having a tender lump in your leg could be because of a blood clot from your veins. Though it may not always be because of having varicose veins, you need to visit a specialist to make sure it is nothing serious. 

You have dry, itchy skin or spot a rash near your ankle

Houston Vein Specialist

When you notice that you have some skin issues that suddenly arose like your skin is dry or itchy, that could be a sign that you have some vein problems that you need to get treated. 

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Your skin may be this way because of high blood pressure levels that arose because of your damaged vein. Your skin may suffer because of the broken veins since the blood is not glowing back to your heart. 

You may also notice that you may have flaky skin or rashes when you leave some of your vein problems untreated, and this may lead to something worse, like a venous leg ulcer. So if you notice that there is some discoloration happening around your legs and ankle, and the area is dry and itchy, then you have to go to the doctor.

Only one of your legs swells, and the swelling in your legs is gone in the morning

When you have varicose veins, then it could cause your legs to swell. Swelling may not always be because of your veins, but if you notice that only one leg is swelling or it only happens when you are awake and moving, then it’s because of varicose veins. You need to go visit a specialist so they can determine why your legs are swelling to make sure.

Your leg pain is making your daily life difficult

Houston Vein Specialist

Sometimes the pain in your leg is not because of vein problems, but it’s better that you get it checked to make sure. Better safe than sorry. When you have varicose veins, it could cause you to have these leg pains where it would throb and ache. The pain would only increase the longer you go on with your daily activities.

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Schedule an appointment with a specialist so that you can make sure that you do not have any damaged veins. They would also be able to pinpoint what the cause of the pain is and help you manage and treat it. 

Your veins have turned blue or purple, and are bulging

You need to make sure that you go and visit a specialist when you notice that the veins are changing color and they are building. Varicose veins could cost your veins to turn blue or purple, and they could even swell and be irritated causing them to bulge. That is because of a blood clot and the restriction of your blood from flowing.

You are pregnant a second time, and your veins during your first pregnancy caused problems.

Houston Vein Specialist

Another cause of varicose veins would have to be the changing of hormones, and pregnancy would have to be the time where there would have the biggest shifts since it could increase the amount of blood your veins are pumping so that you would be able to support the baby.

Since the amount of blood is increased, then it would make the veins larger and add more pressure, hence the varicose veins. If you had this during your first pregnancy, then there is a chance that it would be worse during the second one. So you have to visit a specialist to help you through it.

You’ve developed leg ulcers

There is a big risk that you are going to develop leg ulcers when you leave your vein problems unsolved and untreated. The usual areas where you may have it are around your ankles and calves. You are going to have to get this treated because it could be because of possible diabetes, so going to a specialist would help make sure everything is good, and what the source of it is.

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There may be so many reasons why you notice these things that were listed above, but just to be safe and be sure that everything is okay, you could get an appointment today with a vein specialist in Houston!

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