How to Choose Best Vacuum if You Don’t Have 1000$

How to Choose Best Vacuum if You Don't Have 1000$

The main resource of this century is time – you always have a lot of things to spend it on, and at the same time it’s still lacking. The pace of modern life is accelerating every year; there are new things and plans, interesting places, books, acquaintances. Bet you’ll agree that cleaning is the last thing you want to spend precious hours on. Fortunately, science and technology also progress and offer us various solutions to the problem of lack of time. In this regard, a vacuum cleaner has become a must-have for any home. These quick and quiet devices do an excellent job with the most difficult pollutions in the shortest possible time and perform most of the housework for you. The choices are so many that it is very difficult to decide between Miele C1 vs C2 vs C3. But still, a good vacuum cleaner should meet some key requirements. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right cleaner among the variety offered by the market. You can still get the best mattress vacuum at a reasonable price. So here are some recommendations that will help you find the best option for a little money.

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Quality Materials

Definitely, nice design and the whole appearance of the good are essential for both producers and customers. Color, strict lines and smooth curves catch your eye and at the same time distract you from other equally important characteristics of the vacuum cleaner. Look not only at the design but also at the materials your vacuum cleaner is made of. Poor quality plastic and cheap electrics can lead to a quick breakdown of the product and the loss of money, injury or even short circuit and fire.

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Cleaning Power

While choosing a vacuum cleaner you should pay attention to its power. But a lot of people confuse cleaning power with so-called input power. Input power that you see on the box tells you about the size and amount of electricity required for work. It doesn’t influence the quality of cleaning that actually depends on the power of suction. The greater it is, the better your cleaning; a powerful vacuum picks up more dust in less time and copes with the most complicated pollutions. 

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Type of Dust Collection

There are three main types of dust collectors: fabric or paper bags, containers, and wet dust collectors. Bags are the most primitive and inexpensive variant of dust collection – a fabric or paper bag keeps large dirt particles and hair but misses small ones and dust letting them out. Nowadays, bags are considered to be an inefficient and outdated way of dust collection, plus if you purchased a vacuum with paper bags, now you need to buy additional bags and change them after every cleaning. Plastic containers work just like bags but can keep smaller particles and don’t require such a regular changing. Nevertheless, they are unhygienic, provoke reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and make a lot of noise during vacuuming. The third option – wet dust collection – presents the best way of cleaning as the vacuumed air goes through the water that wets the dust not leaving it out and both disinfects and refreshes the air.

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Additional Filters and Nozzles

The filtration system is a great advantage for any vacuum. Modern companies equip their cleaners with a set of filters that helps keep the smallest dust as well as dangerous microscopic particles like pollen, allergens, bacteria. And additional nozzles provide perfect cleaning on any surfaces and materials even in difficult places.

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Purpose of Use and Construction

Multipurpose vacuum cleaners occupy now a leading position on the market for the majority of people have ordinary demands like vacuuming the floor, carpets or sofas. Buying something average means saving a lot of money and time, but if your purposes are more specific, you should pay attention to the construction of the vacuum cleaners. Here are several popular types:

  • CANISTERS nicely cope with a standard cleaning, thick pile carpets, and other hard floorings, plus are always equipped with multiple nozzles, have high mobility and one of the best suction powers among other cleaners.
  • ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER looks like a compact circle with a set of brushes that vacuums floor without any human participation. The cleaner has the remote control system due to which you can run it via smartphone. Vacuums move around the house and reach the most inaccessible places under sofas, beds, cupboards, and tables. But they work only on open floor space without any toys, corners or chairs on their way, have relatively low suction power, short work time and large price.

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  • UPRIGHT CLEANERS are perhaps the best combination of canisters and robot vacuums advantages. High power for a long time helps cope with vast empty spaces, difficult floorings, and heavy cleanings; upright practical construction provides excellent maneuverability and needs small storage space. The upright cleaner has a better filtration system in comparison with canisters and greater cleaning results in comparison with robots. Besides, the price for this quality isn’t high at all – upright vacuum cleaners cost 30% cheaper than robot cleaners.    
  • STICK VACUUM is a cordless model very similar to the upright vacuums. It has the same price category, a little bit smaller weight and great mobility due to the absence of cords. But the cordless system that gives such nice mobility conceals a considerable disadvantage – if you choose a stick vacuum, you’ll have to sacrifice the quality of your cleaning. The battery significantly reduces the suction power (the vacuum takes twice less dust than the upright cleaners) and shorten the work time.

It is easy for an inexperienced person to get lost among this variety of models and manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. Each option has its undeniable advantages and some disadvantages, which depend on whether you need more power, cleaning in hard-to-reach places, hypoallergenic cleaning, remote work, and so on. We hope that our advice will help you choose the best option of the vacuum cleaner both for the price and quality that is perfect for you.

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