How to Choose the Best Hiking Camera in 2019?

How to Choose the Best Hiking Camera in 2019

The outdoors call us. The outdoors are our calling. Some of us realise it early. Some wait for the miracle to happen. The outdoorsy spirit finds a reason sooner or later in life. Some tame it to go on a hiking, trekking once or twice a year to live the passion. Some master it by finding a way to make a living out of it. We all love the outdoors. Nature is heaven in so many ways. People going on trekking, mountaineering or bungee-jumping are ways to live on the edge. They wish to experience the wild side of nature. An adventurer isn’t about conquering outer prospects. It’s also about slaying the inner fears. Every journey in the outdoors turns us wiser, kinder and full of gratitude. These memories are a treasure house. Nobody would want to miss the chance to capture them. People want to buy the right camera to accompany it on the journey. Finding a camera for hiking purpose is a bit of a challenge. You should read the best hiking camera reviews to solve the puzzle.

The market is acting weird. There are so many options we start doubting our instincts. We keep on hopping from one product to another. The success of the point-and-shoot camera has challenged the supremacy of DSLRs. The mirrorless cameras are another test to be passed. We’ve compiled a list of all options- Point-and-shoot, DSLR and Mirrorless. We have listed the points you need to check before buying a hiking camera.

1) Point-and-Shoot Cameras

choose best hiking camera - Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Hikers prefer point-and-shoot cameras for their simplicity, convenience. They leave it up to the camera to click beautiful photographs while they enjoy the scenery at the same time. All you need to do is take the camera out, point it and shoot. Hikers like it for its size, functionality and better image quality. You need to understand these models are automatic and allow no manual interference at all.

Why would you want to carry extra accessories?

The point-and-shoot cameras are noiseless cameras. Hikers often experience missing a perfect shot due to the sound made and subject getting alarmed. There goes the chance to have the perfect photo. The sensor strength and megapixel quality tell us about the targeted audience section.


choose best hiking camera - DSLRs

Professionals love to have DSLR to take the best photographs. The question is whether hikers would prefer carrying extra weight and accessories on a hiking tour. The reason why professionals love DSLR is it offers them a lot of options to customise, the way it suits them. The image quality is far better to point-and-shoot cameras. Hikers need to decide between simplicity and technical advantage of interchangeable accessories. The ability to change lens depending on the situation brings the best results. Each image stands out from the last one. The build quality, battery life and weather seal make it a top choice for hikers with technical knowledge or photography skills.

The price factor is a worrying cause. The technical knowledge of operating the camera is one thing, but managing all the accessories can take the focus off hiking. The size and noise factor turn the advantage against it. HIkers prefer silent mode to capture amazing shots.

3) Mirrorless Camera

choose best hiking camera - Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras are the best the industry has to offer. These ones are compact in size and carry the punch of DSLR. Hikers love them for their size, image quality. The average battery-life and price factor keeps most of them away. The users need to spend some time learning how to operate it manually. The price is a deciding factor in the end.

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Key Points to Remember
  • Hikers go on a hiking trip to enjoy nature, spend time in the open. They plan everything in advance. They know which items to take, which ones to leave. Why would they want to trade a small, feature-rich camera for a bigger one? Hikers know every item added to the list puts extra weight on the shoulders. The light-weight cameras have everything from weather seal, image quality, lenses and customisation aspect.
  • The camera you choose should have a vibration reduction feature. It works on the same level as Image Stabilisation. You would be able to take photographs or record videos holding it in bare hands. Some hikers prefer a tripod. Do you want to carry something like a tripod when you can make without it? The handheld cameras take excellent shots. You cannot spot the difference.
  • There are cameras which offer both features: Camera and Video. Hikers would love to record their adventures in a video format.
  • The dual card slot is another feature to look. The best hiking cameras have the option for dual cards. Running out of space on a hiking trail is quite embarrassing.

You should gather information or read the best hiking camera reviews to make an informed decision. We have reviewed two of the best selling models.

1) Sony a6000

choose best hiking camera - Sony a6000


Hikers have found the little companion to capture some of the best shots without missing any of the details. Sony has always been the first option for experts and amateurs. The Sony a6000 is a mirrorless camera with a never-ending list of features. We’re amazed to see what it can do with Sony’s trademark colour-contrast ratio. The vibrant nature of colours would have never felt so alive before. The immaculate attention to details brings the lifeless to life. Adventurers savour the moments when they can capture the shot and cannot believe senses to see it over and again. The beauty of surroundings captured in its natural state elevates the experience level.

The best feature is the 4D focus. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the right focus level. For the first time, you don’t have to worry about losing the focus. The bird or animal could be in a moving state, but it doesn’t affect the image quality. What else do hikers want in their cameras? The Sony a6000 offers exceptional low-light performance, burst mode feature (11-frames per second), massive battery life, tilting screen, Wi-Fi with NFC, full HD video, USB charging, dual card slots etc. We missed one thing. You can get this camera within your budget.

2) Canon Powershot SX740

choose best hiking camera - Canon Powershot SX740


Canon has brought us something special, spectacular with Powershot SX740. It features 40x to turn the hiking trip into an adventure at every step. Taking photographs of distant objects and finding clarity is a perfect match. Hikers often find themselves in situations where they’re away from the subject and cannot wait to get close to take a photograph. They would miss the opportunity.

Canon Powershot SX740 is an answer to their prayers. The Intelligent image stabilisation technology makes it easier for the hikers to focus on taking photographs without worrying about the technical aspects. The system handles the zoom-related issues at the backend. The 4K video recording feature (30p) lends advantage in comparison to other models. The Time-lapse movie feature enables users to record fun moments. The built-in flash and lens, 3.0-inch colour TFT LCD screen and compact size make it a top choice for hikers. It’s an ideal fit for those who like to take photographs to capture natural beauty.  

A guide of best hiking cameras also includes Sony a7 II, Sony RX 100, Canon 7D Mark II, Olympus TG 5, Nikon D750. All of these models have something to offer to make the hiking experience a memorable one.

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