How to Choose the Best Roofing Material

Roofing Material

Are you thinking to get a new roof this rainy season? The roof is one of the most integral parts of the home as it protects us from harsh weather conditions be it sun or the heavy rains. It is the part which holds the entire house together. There is an array of options available now starting from slate, copper to wood which were used from centuries before. There is a new addition to this like asphalt-fiberglass to new products which are made from concrete, fiber cement composites. They were usually made by considering the fact that they were more durable and was easy to install. Also, they were available at lower costs. Each of the roofing material has some advantages and some drawbacks. The choice of material directly affects the roof replacement cost as well.

Best roofing material

Let us see the things that are to be kept in mind while choosing a roofing material.

1) Barrier to harsh weather conditions:

The primary barrier of your house which protects you from the different climatic conditions is the roof. Your roofing material should be capable of handling any weather complications which might arise depending on your location. It should be able to endure the sun, not blow up in the winds, shed the snow and bear heavy rainfalls. If there are heavy rainfalls in your area frequently, you need to make sure the shape and orientation of your roof are such that it drains away water more easily.

2) Slope of the roof:

Depending upon the slope of your roof, there might be some options which will be eliminated from the materials. The slope of the roof is the rise in the number of inches, for the horizontal run’s rise it is of 12 inches. Materials like tiles, shingles are capable of having a 4-in-12 slope or even steeper ones. This will allow easy drainage of water.

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Roofing Material

3) Appearance:

As it is visible to everyone, the way it looks will affect the appearance of your house. The type of material you are using, the color and the texture is an important factor to be considered. If you live where the climate is really hot, you should go for light roofs as they reflect more heat.

4) Budget:

The cost of your roof will vary drastically depending upon the material and how much complex the design is. The asphalt-fiberglass shingles have been very popular as they are the least expensive. The copper roof is the most expensive one, you will have to spend $1100 per square followed by steel which costs you $500 per square. So, depending on your budget, you can choose the roofing.

Now, let us see some of the most popular roofing materials.

Best roofing material

1) Asphalt Composition Shingles:

This popular roofing materialis made of organic paper fiber mat which provides great protection in the winters and has good resistance in the winds. It can also be made offiberglass which protects with more moisture and fire resistance as it has asphalt in it. It is recyclable, but it is not eco-friendly. It is not much expensive but is not much durable either.

2) Metal:

They are made of zinc, steel, copper or aluminum. The steel roofs are either painted or coated with zinc as a finishing touch. It is recyclable at times. It is not much heavy and is pretty durable. It is pretty resistant to wind and fire.

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3) Clay:

It is made by heating the natural clay in the kiln. It is long lasting and doesn’t require much maintenance. However, it is brittle which makes it prone to breaking. It is also very heavy and needs a frame to support it. It is very resistant to fire but not much resistant to the winds.

The very popular roofing materialsare discussed above. Depending upon your use, you can choose the one that is well-suited for you.

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