How To Get More Exercise Into Your Day During The Winter Month

The winter months can be a time for being lazy and putting on weight. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of idleness from time to time, but if you’re keen on your exercise, then it’s important to uphold your regimen when the days are dark and cold. After all, there are many ways to beat the January blues, but exercise is rarely ever thought to be one of them!

Consequently, here’s how to get more exercise into your day during the winter months.

Buddy Up


It’s much easier to commit to an exercise regimen when you have a pal doing it right alongside you. If you can, try and pick an exercise buddy who you’ll know will call you out if you start putting off the odd jog or gym session. Do you feel guilty leaving them to exercise alone? Perhaps their stern telling off is the wakeup call you needed! Well, that guilt and scolding might just push you out of bed each morning to get active!

Additionally, it can be helpful to pick someone who knows what they’re doing (what stretches to do, techniques, how to pace themselves effectively etc), and perhaps who is also fun too. Exercising is something of a grind when done properly, so a funny friend might help somewhat here too. In the end, you might just feel more motivated through winter when exercising becomes that little bit more social, and perhaps competitive.

Wear Thermal Clothing


Thermal clothing hugs the body and stretches well too, all while increasing how much you stay warm through bitter winds and biting colds. Moreover, they make the wearer look like a knowledgeable and capable sportsperson. It’s what the professionals all where, and if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for anyone! Therefore, if you want to feel the part while you’re rigorously exercising outdoors, thermals are the way to go.

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You can wear thermals outright, or as an underlayer beneath the exercise attire you like best. They’re extremely light to wear and are specially made for the agile sportsman, so they work very well here. If you’re going to exercise through the winter months, then thermal clothing is a must.

Fold Up Bikes


A common complaint of some exercise routines is that they can be too bothersome and regimented. There’s a lot of repetition, and even equipment like bikes can be a chore to constantly carry around and watch over when you want to stop for a break. In the end, exercise has long felt like an inconvenience in certain respects, with a great many bothersome occurrences cropping up throughout that are intensified further because of winter.

However, changes are being made here. For example, the innovative Brompton bikes fold easily and efficiently, meaning that if you want to hop on a train to get to a better biking destination, it’s now effortlessly done. There’s flexibility, easy carrying and better storage options to be discovered here. Therefore, if you’re finding your exercise routine a bit lacklustre and uninspired, a fold up bike might just inject some renewed interest into things through winter.

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