Important Things To Consider When Buying A Boat

It’s a big decision to buy a boat. For many, it’s also a dream come true. However, prior to making a purchase, it’s essential to consider a few things.

Remember, when making any type of significant purchase, there’s power in information. Learn everything necessary to make informed buying decisions here.

New or Pre-Owned


One of the first things to consider when searching for boats at Premier Boating is if a new or pre-owned boat is wanted. If a person has worked to save money for a while, then purchasing a new boat is best.

That’s because a new boat is sold with a warranty. If the boat breaks or malfunctions, repairs are covered. This provides peace of mind that doesn’t come with pre-owned boats.

Even though new boats are appealing, in 2014 alone, more than 940,000 pre-owned boats were purchased in the U.S. Used boats are more affordable, since someone else suffered through the depreciation.

For brand new boats, the depreciation is extremely high during the initial season it’s used. For those who want a more economical choice, pre-owned is going to help them save money.

The Boat’s Size

buying a new boat


Several factors come into play when considering what boat size to purchase. The location of use for the boat and how long a person plans to stay on the boat are crucial factors. It’s also important to consider how many people are going to come on board.

Considering the cost of the boat is also crucial. Keep in mind, the bigger the boat, the more it costs for gasoline, maintenance, dry docking, cleaning, insurance, and more. Make sure to calculate all these ownership costs when buying a boat.

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Motor or Sail

buying a new boat


This decision typically comes down to the buyer’s personal preference. A boat with a motor is usually much easier to drive and boats with a sail rely on wind power.

The actual type of boat selected is dependent on the activities a person plans to do, too. For example, if they just want to enjoy a bit of cruising or fishing, a sailboat is a smart option. If the buyer plans to take along kids and friends, then a pontoon boat or powerboat may make a better option.

Storage Considerations

buying a new boat


A huge consideration when purchasing a boat is where it’s stored. Some want to put the boat on a trailer so they can explore waterways all over the place. Others want to keep the boat docked nearby to where they live or use the boat.

Remember, the larger the boat, the larger and stronger vehicle that’s needed to pull it. If a very large boat is selected, professionals are often needed to move it.

Factoring in storage costs is essential when buying a boat.

Buying a Boat: The Options are Clear

buying a new boat


Getting to know what a person wants out of their boat is the best way to choose the right one. Keep in mind, boats cost a lot, even pre-owned ones. If a person plans on making this purchase, taking the information here and considering it carefully can help ensure a case of buyer’s remorse doesn’t occur.

Buyers don’t need to rush the decision. Take time and choose a boat that meets the wants, needs, and budget that’s been set to avoid overspending.

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