Robbed While Visiting a Foreign Country? Here’s What to Do

Robbed in foreign country

Touring foreign countries can lead to amazing adventures, but what happens if you’re robbed? Stolen credit and debit cards, hotel keys, passports, and more can be a huge headache for those on holiday in a foreign country. However, there are a few things that can be done to get past this and continue having a great holiday.

Stay as Calm as Possible

Robbed While Visiting a Foreign Country


It’s crucial to remember to stay calm. Most people will panic if they’ve been robbed, but panicking isn’t going to help anything. It’s possible to recover a stolen EHIC, get home without a passport, and deal with everything in the aftermath of a robbery. It’s also possible to still have a fun vacation after a robbery happens. Panicking, however, can make the whole situation worse.

Cancel All Credit/Debit Cards

cancel credit card


As quickly as possible, cancel all credit or debit cards as well as traveller’s checks and anything else that can be used by the robbers. Most of the time, it’s possible to visit a bank’s website to get their contact information so the card can be cancelled. If your phone was stolen, visit a local internet café to use the computer there. On public computers, avoid signing into bank accounts. Just use their main website to find a phone number to call.

Call the Local Police Department

call the police for help


The local police department is not likely to help you get everything back. However, banks may request a police report to erase fraudulent charges made before the card was cancelled. If you have travellers insurance, they will likely require a police report before they can help. Fill out the police report at the local police department and request a few copies in case you need them.

Visit the Embassy

Visit the embassy


Stolen passports should be cancelled immediately so no one else can use it. Visit the government website to cancel the passport. After that, visit the Embassy to obtain traveller’s documents that can be used temporarily. These documents are only valid for the one vacation and do have limitations, but they do allow you to get back home. Once home, they are no longer valid, so order a new passport right away.

Contact Insurance Company

contact insurance company


Travellers insurance can help with any physical injuries resulting from a robbery and may help in other ways as well. After obtaining a police report, contact your insurance company to file a claim. They can explain what is covered under the insurance policy and help with filling out the claim.

Call the Hotel

booking in hotel


Something most people may not think about is to call the hotel as soon as possible. If your hotel keys were stolen, it’s possible the robbers can figure out which room the key opens at the hotel and steal anything inside the room. If the hotel knows the keys have been stolen, they can deactivate the swipe card and re-issue a new one. The old keys will no longer open the door and everything in the hotel room will be safe.

Being robbed is always frightening, but it can be worse when you’re travelling in a foreign country. If you’ve been robbed while on holiday, follow these tips to protect your identity, minimize your losses, and get ready to continue your vacation. Stay calm, handle the issues before you, and it will be possible to enjoy the rest of the trip.

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