Landscaping Design: How to Estimate the Costs?

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An attractive landscape improves the curb appeal of a property while boosting its value. The landscape might include numerous elements, such as trees and shrubs, a walkway, or a gazebo. It all depends on what the property owner desires and what works in the given area. Countless individuals opt to work with a landscape designer to ensure their vision becomes reality, but others worry about the cost of working with a professional of this type. What should one know about the cost of landscape design and how to estimate it for their project?

The Fee

Landscaping Design


Certain landscape designers charge by the hour, but this is not the case with all. Learn if the designer you will be working with charges by the hour or by the project. This is definitely one question you should ask when meeting with 7 dees landscaping design for the first time.

When the designer charges by the hour, tasks range from the initial consultation to a revision of the original plans. If a consultant must be called in to assist, they charge a separate fee, and property owners need to be aware of this. The consultant fee tends to be higher because they use an approach that is more hands-on.

If a flat fee is charged for the landscape design, the designer determines the estimated number of hours to complete the project. Calculating the fee involves determining the size and complexity of the project while taking in the location. When this option is selected, plan revisions are limited and the designer usually doesn’t work with the landscaper who takes the plan and brings it to fruition.

Additional Options

Landscaping Design


Certain individuals wish to explore other options before choosing to hire a professional landscape designer. Computer programs exist that allow any individual to create a landscape plan in the comfort of their own home. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to choosing this option.

Additionally, certain garden centers now offer a free design service if a person buys all of the materials at the center. While this ensures the plants are appropriate for the local climate, there are drawbacks to this option as well. To learn about the drawbacks of either of these options, it’s best to understand what the benefits are of working with a professional designer.

Why Hire a Professional?

Landscaping Design


Property owners often wonder if they should hire a professional landscape designer. Wouldn’t their budget go further if they took this task on alone? However, knowing which plants and materials are compatible is something the average person doesn’t know, and accounting for normal growth patterns of different plants and how they change over time isn’t knowledge most people have. Going this route ensures there is no need to replant items because they didn’t thrive in the original location or they simply didn’t look right.

Furthermore, property owners find they actually save money while expanding the amount of usable living space they have outdoors. Finally, hiring a professional helps to increase the curb appeal of the property and its value.

When hiring a professional landscape designer, don’t go with the company offering the lowest price. Ask to see references and follow up with satisfied customers. Make certain the company has the necessary licensing and insurance for your area, and require a written quote before any work begins. This is your property and you want it to look its best. Due diligence before any work begins helps to ensure you are satisfied with the end results every time at Live Enhanced.

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