Therapy Insights: What is A Swedish Massage and How Is It Performed?

Massage therapy is often included in care plans for patients with a multitude of illnesses. Each form of massage can generate amazing results including better pain management. Swedish massage is an ever-popular request at spas, wellness centers, and chiropractic practices. It is a more holistic approach to treating a variety of conditions and improves the health of patients. Reviewing what Swedish massage is and how it is performed shows patients what to expect.

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is a form of massage therapy in which the practitioner completes a combination of movements involving the joints. The practice is used to treat a variety of muscle and joint conditions that generate severe pain. It is also used as a technique for relaxing and relieving stress.

Some patients who undergo the treatment say they feel energized after their treatments. The services are often performed through a chiropractor’s office, wellness center, or spa. Practitioners who are budding massage therapists can review Earthlite massage supplies to find products that improve their techniques and provide better services for their clients.

How Do You Perform a Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage


The massage therapist starts with effleurage, which involves circular motions completed with the palms. This technique is great for relieving tension in the soft tissue. The therapist completes gliding strokes that help the patient relax easily.

Next, they complete petrissage, and it involves kneading the skin and muscles. The therapist may roll and squeeze the skin and muscles during this part of the therapy. It is a great way to apply some pressure to the body and activate the release of feel-good hormones.

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Friction is used to complete circular motions and apply more pressure deeper into the skin and muscles. Each layer of tissue is rubbed together during this portion of the massage, and it can improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body. Some practitioners use the technique to reduce scarring of the skin when treating injuries.

Swedish Massage


The final step of the massage is called tapotement. The practitioner will tap on various areas of the treated area with their hands cupped. They might also use their fingertips for this final step. Once the therapist has completed the tapotement, the patient is fully relaxed.

What are the Health Benefits of Swedish Massage?

The first and most profound health benefit of Swedish massage is pain management. The stimulation of soft tissue and the muscles increases the production of feel-good hormones. Increasing the production of the hormones generates lasting pain relief, and patients can avoid taking heavy pain medications that can have a debilitating effect.

Stress relief is another great benefit of the massage. Patients with cardiovascular disease and hypertension need to find healthier ways to manage stress and lower their risk of a heart attack or stroke. Massage therapy is effective in helping them relax and let their worries fade away.

Swedish Massage


Increased flexibility can help individuals complete more complicated exercise routines. The massage techniques are also great rehab for muscle injuries, and the patients can get back to their favorite activities after a few sessions.

Massage therapy is a helpful way to unwind and relieve stress. The style of massage selected by the patients determines what health benefits they obtain. Reviewing Swedish massage and its advantages explain why the techniques are so relaxing and rewarding for all patients at Live Enhanced.

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