Limited Room Space? A Murphy Bed Can Be the Answer

Murphy Bed

As a result of increased housing prices, many are opting for smaller, more affordable residences to assist them in managing their expenses, especially with the average rent for a two-bedroom unit being at $1,600. Considering the minimum wage, it is unsurprising that innovative bedroom space hacks, such as installing a Murphy bed, are gaining popularity.

However, what is the cost of a Murphy bed? A Murphy bed typically costs roughly $3,000. For this price, you may expect a wooden double-sized bed with storage as well as a piston mechanical design. The cost, however, varies according to the dimensions of the bed, the materials used, and whether you will be hiring an installer or do it yourself.

Moreover, there are a few things to consider before purchasing your first Murphy bed. We will explain in this article at Live Enhanced how to lessen the installation costs of a Murphy bed to your specific budget, and even some helpful hints and suggestions that could help you save even more money on your purchase. 

What Is the Cost of a Murphy Bed?

Murphy Bed


To begin, for those who are unfamiliar with a Murphy bed, allow me to explain briefly.

A Murphy bed, which is also known as a wall bed, is a type of bed that has hinges on its edges, usually by a spring or with a piston mechanical mechanism, making it possible to be vertically folded against a wall.

The process of purchasing a Murphy bed is quite similar to that of purchasing a standard bed. The same size and material concerns apply, which will, obviously, affect the price.


The size of a Murphy bed will be deduced by its intended use and the amount of space it will take. Smaller beds are obviously less expensive, so if you are looking to save money, choose a double over a queen or king-sized bed.


Murphy Bed


There are numerous options for the material that you can make use of for your murphy bed. Whichever one you choose will need you to strike a balance between your budget, the overall aesthetics of the bed, and the design’s complexity.

Particleboard or the Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is less expensive and hence cuts overall expenditures. Cabinets made out of these materials can be used to conceal the metal bed frame and enhance its aesthetic appeal. If you are on a budget, they may be a decent option, but keep in mind that they are not as sturdy as the more expensive ones.

The additional stress applied to the wood can potentially result in cracks in a shorter time period, resulting in a higher cost to replace the bed. If you do have the ability to invest in higher-quality wood, you will ultimately save money. “You buy the cheap one, you buy twice,” as the expression goes.

Hardwoods and veneered plywood are significantly more durable. As a result, they are more resilient. Additionally, the majority of people will concur that they have a smoother finish and appear more elegant, which is a win-win situation.

If you have the financial means to invest in higher-quality wood, you may realize that you might save money in the long run when you opt to go for it.


Although there is a high chance that you can build a Murphy bed on your own, doing so can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Unless you are confident in your DIY abilities, it is recommended that you hire a professional to install the bed to guarantee that it is correctly done and is safe for use.

Manufacturers usually advise engaging the service of a professional installer to ensure that the bed is appropriately leveled and secured, preventing drooping and damage over time. Many shops will already include installation in the price or may give you the option to pay for it separately.

If you purchase a DIY kit, a carpenter should be able to assist you with installation for between $100 and $200, depending on the complexity of the bed and their expertise.


Murphy Bed


A standard mattress can be installed on a Murphy bed because there is no need to fold it. The majority of beds contain a mattress; however, they are not usually of the highest quality. Make no hesitations about trying them on in the store.

Superior-quality mattresses are less prone to sag over time when kept upright. Additionally, they are typically much more comfortable to lie down on. As with standard beds, the mattress for a Murphy bed should be replaced every 8-10 years.

Can a Murphy Bed Really Help You Save Money?

Murphy Bed


It is far less expensive to rent or purchase a property with fewer rooms and to maximize the spaces you have creatively. Having a fold-away bed throughout the day enables you to utilize a room for numerous purposes. How about a workplace during the day and a bedroom at night?

Consider this. Unless you are a daily napper, the bed is only used during the hours you sleep. Assuming you sleep for approximately eight hours, that gives 16 hours of the day during which the bed is not used, yet it occupies considerable space. This space could be used for that much-needed office or for converting the child’s bedroom into a playroom.

Murphy beds are also a great strategy to convert any space into an additional bedroom for those times when you will need more sleeping space. When family and friends pay a visit, it is good to be able to accommodate them. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a house with a lot of spare rooms; so, why not transform your living room into a guest room?

Final Word

Murphy Bed


Murphy beds are ideal for maximizing your room’s limited space by enabling you to utilize the same room for different purposes. Furthermore, when done correctly, they may look utterly fantastic in almost any household. Who would not like a secret hideaway bed?

By now, we hope you have gathered all the information you need about a Murphy bed, as well as a few helpful suggestions and recommendations on how to save money.

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