River-Rafting Places in India


India is one of the most chaotic yet fulfilling destinations for all types of tourist. It has provided many fulfilling journeys for travelers who came to seek peace, adventure and/or serenity. The beauty of its geography is that it leaves no one dissatisfied. India is among the best places to enjoy in harmony with nature and every spot has its own cultural specialties to enjoy.  There is so much variety in tradition, arts, and crafts, folklore, religious beliefs and rituals that make it an amalgamation of the rich Indian culture and heritage.

For adventure seekers, India has a lot to offer too. The best spots for river rafting are available in the country. River rafting is a popular sport that has increasingly become a favorite among many tourists. The water and the rapids are enjoyed by the adventure lovers and this thrilling sport has been given much attention by the local bodies in India to ensure safe and memorable water rafting experiences to tourists.

Below are some of the best places to enjoy river rafting in India:

Kannur – Kerala


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The Tejaswini River is a great spot with many rapids in the Western Ghats, Kannur. The scenery in the region is amazing, especially during the Kerala monsoons. The rapids include different levels of difficulty in the upper Tejaswini and the lower Tejaswini. The river flows from Kannur district, the forests in Coorg. The rapids are level 2 and are of moderate difficulty.

The region is also popular for Kayaking in the Kavvayi Backwaters. Kayaking through the majestic backwaters ensures views of the mangroves, flora, and fauna with beautiful birds flying over you. The first stretch of 6 km is serene, paddling through the paddy fields and as we go upstream, the water becomes more challenging. It is an experience worth enjoying. You are one step away from experiencing this thrilling adventure. There are various Kerala Tour Packages available just book the suitable one.

Ganga River, Rishikesh – Uttarakhand


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River Ganga is one of the best rivers that offers amazing rapids and the white water provide the best adventure and experience in India. The Ganga River is nestled in the Garhwal Himalaya in Rishikesh. The stretch is 26 Kms with four different stretches with different difficulty levels. River rafting in Rishikesh is a lifetime experience to have. There are different levels from basic to challenging with grade 1 to 4 rapids.

Indus River – Ladakh


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The Indus River is one of the most mesmerizing locations with breathtaking views of the valley in The Zanskar Ranges line the Indus River and make the rafting experience unforgettable. The rapids in the Indus River ensure magnificent views of the mountains ranges. The grade of rafting is very basic and stretches 25 Kms.

Spiti River – Himachal Pradesh

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 The Spiti River flows from Spiti Valley and ensures the best views with enthralling river rafting experience. The views include small queer villages and breathtaking glaciers. The journey is best to witness the best views of Himachal Pradesh. The rafting is not very challenging. The distance is 180 Km from Tuting till Pasighat.

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Lohit River – Arunachal Pradesh


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 One of the best rafting experiences in North-Eastern India, the Lohit River is not very popular but very exciting. This is a great place for water sports and you can also enjoy kayaking here. The rapids are very fierce but the rafting experience is moderate. The distance is 100 km from Line of Actual Control till Hayuliang.

Kundalika River – Maharashtra


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 Kundalika River is a part of Sahyadri River that enters Kolad in Maharashtra. This is a great rafting spot during monsoon. The exhilarating rafting experience here is great for adventure lovers. The distance of the river is 10 km and the rafting level is moderate.

Betwa River – Madhya Pradesh


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The Betwa River in Orchha is the adventure spot in Madhya Pradesh. The rafting experience ensures great rapids and ensures the best views of the heritage city. During monsoon, the water level increases dangerously and it is advised to avoid rafting during this time. The distance of the river is 3.5 Kms.

Plan Your Rafting Now

Why plan for River Rafting in foreign countries when you can experience the best of it in India. With the above information in-hand; schedule your upcoming vacations and visit any of the above places for experiencing the best River Rafting sights. If you are already late in planning your holidays, not to worry now these places provides you the best options for your last minute holidays.


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