Things To Know Before Getting Laser Tattoo Removal Watertown NY

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Gone are the days when getting tattoos is considered a taboo. Today, more and more people are getting tattoos for self-expression, rebellion, artistic freedom, and as reminders of cultural or spiritual traditions.

However, there are some people who regretted getting marked permanently and are now looking for ways to remove their tattoos. If you’re one of them, it’s best if you know what to expect before getting a laser tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal is a service available in Watertown, New York, and other big cities around the world. To better manage your expectations, here are some things to know before getting a laser tattoo removal:

1. Remember That Not All Tattoos Will Disappear

Your Skin Can Possibly Change


Knowledge is power when it comes to laser tattoo removal. The more you know, the easier it’ll be for you to manage your expectations. As one way of knowing what really happens during a laser tattoo removal, check this site and keep in mind that not all tattoos will completely disappear.

While some tattoos will fade after a few sessions, others can be more challenging to remove. The latter is especially true if your tattoo has colors of green, red, and yellow. You might also need more time and money if the tattoos you’re planning to erase were made by an amateur.

2. Older Is Always Better

Old Tattoo


Remember when you had your tattoo. Was it years ago or only a few months? The success of your laser tattoo removal heavily relies on the age of your tattoo.

Older tattoos usually fade easily compared to newer ones. For example, a black tattoo that’s ten years old can fade after one or two treatments, while newer tattoos will require more than two treatments. This happens because the older your tattoo is, the more pigment your body has already absorbed.

3. Body Placement Really Matters

Body Placement Really Matters


Aside from the age of your tattoo, its location can also impact the success of your laser tattoo removal. Generally, tattoos that are located farther down the arm or leg can be harder to remove and slower to fade. Tattoos that are placed in these areas of your body can require more laser treatment sessions and can usually heal very slow. Tattoos located at the back are easier to remove.

For you to determine which tattoos are easy and hard to remove, keep this in mind: tattoos that are located near the heart are the easiest ones to remove because they have fast healing rates and have better circulation.

4. Different Colors Can Require Different Lasers

Different Colors Can Require Different Lasers


When your tattoo has different colors, expect that your treatment will require different lasers. No single laser can remove all of the colors from your tattoo. While black and dark green inks are easy to remove, purples and yellow can be harder to fade.

5. Your Skin Can Possibly Change

Tattoo removals


When you decide to get a tattoo, expect that the texture of your skin will change. This is a normal reaction because you’re actually scarring your skin through the tattoo ink. The process of a laser skin removal will uncover these skin changes, leaving you with a mark that looks like a “ghost” of your old tattoo.

6. Sunscreen Can Help

Woman holding sunscream


Seeing a darker or lighter skin around the removed tattoo is normal. However, if you’re frequently exposed to the sun, it’s best if you apply sunscreen before going out.

Sun exposure can cause blistering and can even lengthen your recovery period from a laser tattoo removal. Wear a sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 to fully block any ultraviolet rays from the sun.

7. It’s Not Cheap

not cheap


Before deciding to have your tattoo removed, ask yourself if you can afford the procedure. Laser tattoo removal isn’t cheap. Depending on the size and colors of your tattoo, you might spend around $200 to $1,400 per session to have it removed. Alternatively, you can try home remedies like tattoo removal creams if you don’t want to go all-out.

For you to be financially prepared for the procedure, scout for clinics or professionals that offer laser tattoo removal services in your area. You don’t want to discontinue your sessions just because you ran out of funds, right?

Work With The Best



Now that you have a better idea of what happens during a laser tattoo removal, start scouting for professionals who can provide this service. Make sure that you’re only working with a person who’s trained and experienced for the job.

Remember, you’re willing to spend your hard-earned money in this service because you want to live a tattoo-free life; not make yourself a victim of severe skin conditions and allergies.



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