Top 10 Men’s Eyeglass Frames To Up Your Style In 2018


Never underestimate the power of what a good eyeglass can do to enhance your facial appeal.

Non prescription glasses have become popular recently as people have embraced the eyeglass as a fashion accessory. Here we take a look at the 10 eyeglass frames for men that are popular at the moment so you can add some extra points to your fashion game the next time you decide to go out.

1 Nerdy Eyeglass Frames

Nerdy glass frames are black glasses with thick plastic frames that give off the impression of being a geek or an avid reader; thus the name. These frames are the most popular kind of non-prescription frames. From the eyeglass street vendors to the showrooms of your locality, these design of glasses are always the best selling and the most popular. So, its safe to say these style of frames will never go out of style.  Nerdy Eyeglass FramesThe Wayfarer frames and the Clark Kent styles are the most popular designs that people associate with the nerdy look.

2  Metal Frames

Metallic eye frames are the most durable quality frames in the market. They are also the lightest in terms of weight. Metallic frames are most convenient for people with smaller noses as it maintains its position and does not keep moving down your nose.

Metal Frames

You should go for the titanium frames as they are considered the strongest in terms of quality and durability. Italso has qualities that attract colors easily. So you can personalize your frames to the colors of your choice with these glasses.

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3 Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are frameless and the two lenses of a spectacle are joined by the nose bridge and two temples as pictured above. Because these glasses are exposed, they are more likely to get damaged than the ones with frames, although they come with superior scratch free characteristics and reinforced impact resistance.

Rimless Glasses

If you want to buyreally great quality rimless glasses, go for the ones that have polycarbonate lenses.

4 Square Frames

Square frames are the most common shape for a spectacle. They are known for their simple design and thus making them the most basic of frames.

Square Frames

People with soft facial features and curves are recommended this style as the shape of the frames add contrast to the overall face look. People with long faces also benefit with this design as it helps shorten the face. Also, short shaped frames are ideal for people with round or oval faces.

5 Round Frames

The round glasses are for people who want to go for the retro look. The look is such that it is meant to stand out and people wanting a change up in their look or a makeover can opt for this design.

Round Frames

The most well known personality have worn these frames is John Lennon and so these glasses are often associated with being creative and free spirited.

6 Colored Frames

With color frames, one is usually advised to pick color of the frame based on their skin tone and hair.Your colored frame should be able to add extra dimension to your face by contrasting your skin tone with a lighter or darker color or by complementing your undertone with a more saturated hue.

Colored Frames

Black hair compliments with more saturated hues like red and purple variations.

7 Oversized Frames

Glasses with big frames are usually suitable to a lot of face shapes, especially the ones with large faces. These glasses are attention grabbing and an easy way to make a style statement.

Oversized Frames

First timers are advised to choose thin frames when they first start out as these glasses can be obstructive and heavy. After getting used to the weight, only are they advised to go for bigger, bolder frames.

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8 Vintage Frames

Vintage glass frames have always been in style among the high fashion crowd who keep experimenting and keep mixing the old and the new to create unique looks.

Vintage Frames

When wearing vintage frames, one is advised to not wear clothes that make too much of a statement as the vintage glasses are  already popping enough. So, it is best to balance you vintage glasseswith simpler outfit choices.

9 Transparent Glass Frames

Transparent glass frames are very subtle in design and look and come in various shades.

Transparent Glass Frames

One strongly recommended transparent glass is the Keen square eyeglass frame in transparent honey; which is unisex and the design is complete with oversized frame and comes in honey shade color. This frame is recommended for fair and pale skin tones.

10 Wooden Effect Frames

Brown wooden frames are recommended for people with lighter skin tones and lighter wood colors are recommended for people with darker skin tones.

Wooden Effect Frames

Wooden frames have come into fashion only very recently. These type of frames have an association of going for the earthy, raw or geeky looks.

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