What Are the True Benefits of Electric Bikes?

electric cycle

You have probably heard the superlatives of buying an e-bike, riders are giving in for their new favorite type of transportation. Do you wonder how much of them are true, and how much of them are just being hyped?

The truth is, there are both benefits, as well as some negatives from riding e-bikes, but it seems like the advantages are way more than the cons.

Here are some of the true benefits of electric bikes:

An electric bike will make you be more active

electric cycle

source: popularmechanics.com

This is a huge advantage, which is valid for people who are contemplating switching to riding an e-bike instead of a car. It is also true for people who live sedentary lifestyles and rarely walk or get any physical exercise at all. Although it may sound like an electric powered motor will be moving you around, most e-bikes are motor-assisted, but they do have pedals and require that the rider does some pedaling.

Cycling is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. Also, riding an electric bike will require that you balance, steer and maintain a correct posture while pedaling and riding. So, for people who do not get enough exercise, the e-bike is a great place to start.

Riding an e-bike will help build up the confidence and fitness levels

electric cycle

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Many people who happen to be out of shape, for one reason or another, are not confident enough to start cycling or working out due to fear of being unable to cope with the physical challenge. An e-bike is an excellent way to get people like this to go outside and start riding. This is due to the fact that they know that there is a nifty motor that will help them reach their destination, pass through a particularly hard section of the road, as well as to get home if they happen to lose all of their power and stamina.

So, an electric bike is a superb way to help somebody get back in track and build up their confidence level and fitness needed for exercising, getting fit, and losing weight.

Riding up an uphill road will be e breeze

electric cycle

source: halifaxtoday.ca

If you are one of the many people who have given up cycling to work due to the hilly roads and exhausting climbs, then an e-bike will restore your belief in commuting in an eco-friendly and inexpensive way once again. The motor of the electric bike can kick in to help you when you reach to a particularly steep hill, or when the wind suddenly turns against you making pedaling harder than ever.

Being able to climb up a steep hill with minimal effort is one of the main benefits of owning an e-bike and using it for commuting, running errands, traveling and for fun.

You don’t need to wear spandex bike shorts or special clothes for e-bikes

electric cycle

source: reviewcarts.com

This may sound like a non-serious advantage, but for some people wearing special bike, clothes are an absolute no-no for aesthetic and for other reasons. With an electric bike you can wear your everyday clothes, or any clothes you want no matter how far away you happen to be going. This is super convenient if you are commuting to work, school, or are going to an appointment where you need to be appropriately dressed up. An electric bike won’t leave all sweaty, wet, and messy, so you can easily hop on the bike and get to wherever you are going with your best clothes on.

It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to commute

electric cycle

source: sandiegoflyrides.com

If you are tired of spending hours stuck in the traffic and paying for gas, parking, car maintenance, insurance, and so on, then it is a good idea to consider using an electric bike for your daily commutes to work or school. Riding an e-bike is much cheaper than driving to work or using public transportation. The cost of charging the e-bike’s battery is much less than $1, and depending on the battery you have, you can ride your electric bike for 60 to 90 miles per charge.

You will get to work or wherever you are going faster

electric cycle

source: cycle-heaven.co.uk

Whether you are using your electric bike to commute to work or school, or simply to run errands, if you happen to live in a busy city, the chances are that it will get you to your destination much faster than if you are driving a car or on a bus. The reason is that electric bikes can pass through the cars in the traffic, and you can also ride them outside of the roads, and take shortcuts to your destination.

Plus, electric bikes can accelerate very quickly after stopping at stop signs or red lights, so you can get ahead of traffic, or at least keep up with it, no matter what. Also, given its motor assistance, an e-bike is faster than riding a conventional bicycle as well.

So, it may not seem like a superfast vehicle, but an electric bike is actually one of the fastest ways to get around in a bust city.

You will be leading a greener life

electric cycle

source: thumbor.forbes.com

If you are transitioning from driving a car to riding an e-bike, you will definitely be reducing your carbon footprint unless you happen to drive an electric car of course. With an electric bike, there are no harmful emissions, to gases and no noise to add to the pollution in the towns and cities. You can go completely green by opting to charge your e-bike’s battery with solar power too.

So, think about the future of our planet, and consider ditching that car powered by fossil fuels, and hop on an eco-friendly electric bike instead.

Riding an electric bike can make you fitter, and healthier

electric cycle

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If you are used to driving and do a very little walking or any other physical activity, then getting on an electric bike is a great way to start being more active and getting fitter. Riding an electric bike does require some physical effort, and can help you get the recommended amount of daily and weekly aerobic exercise to reduce the risk of the most common “killers” – heart attack, stroke, diabetes type II, metabolic disease and others.

Riding an electric bike just like cycling can help improve the health of your heart, lung, strengthen your muscles and bones, and also improve your mental health as well. People with anxieties, depressions, and other similar mental problems may find that riding an electric bike is a great way to get out of home, meet other people and relax and enjoy oneself.

Riding an e-bike is pure joy

electric cycle

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Just about anybody who has tried riding an electric bike will tell you that it is an incredibly fun-filled experience. You are riding, the wind is in your hair, and yet you don’t need to pedal so hard, and you can enjoy the sights and talk to your riding mates or to passersby instead.

Several pieces of research performed in Europe have found that people who switch from owning a conventional bike to an electric bike, have been found to take the bike out more often and ride it more often and to further destinations that they did with their bicycles.

The main explanation is – the pure fun factor of riding an electric bike.

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