How to Wear Fashion Rings?

Fashion Rings

Fashion rings are a great way to show off your unique style. Because you can mix-and-match fashion rings, add different types of jewelry, and use fashion rings to offset different styles, they have become a very popular method of accessorizing. Today, we’re going to take a look at what fashion rings are and how you wear them.

What are Fashion Rings?

Fashion Rings


You might have heard of fashion jewelry, statement jewelry, and fashion rings. They’re all related, but they aren’t the same. Fashion jewelry indicates jewelry that isn’t fine or semi-fine. It has affordable materials and is made primarily for looks. Statement jewelry is similar.

But fashion rings can be made out of precious gems and precious materials. A fashion ring is just a ring that is designed and worn primarily as an aesthetic statement. This differentiates it from promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, and even the rings of royalty or certain family rings and signet rings.

Because historically rings were often used to denote status, a fashion ring is specifically a ring that is designed for fashion. If you’re using the ring as something else, such as an engagement ring, it’s not a fashion ring (even if it is very fashionable).

How people choose fashion rings depends on what look they’re going for. Some people love vintage fashion rings and may go antiquing to find more. Other people love modern rings and may look for semi-fine rings or rings that are made out of unique materials, such as plastics or enamels.

When fashion rings have precious or semi-precious stones, rings may be chosen based on the meaning of the stone or the properties of the stone. Amethyst is a gorgeous stone but it can fracture; it has to be set properly and safely.

What Should You Pair with Fashion Rings?

Fashion Rings


On your hand, fashion rings are frequently paired with other rings. Stacked rings can provide quite an elegant appearance. Usually, they are alternated, so you have a general mix of ornate rings and more simple ones. 

Of course, you can also wear fashion rings separately. The more ornate the fashion ring is, the less likely it is to go with other rings. A very thick, ornate, Victorian-styled ring is better left alone. But a modern, sleek ring can be easily paired with other rings of many designs and colors.

Fashion rings can also be paired with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to create a single overall look. Usually, you would pair with similar gems, colors, or metals to create a look that’s cohesive. But you can also go for different materials that are nevertheless complementary.

Consider the color of the metal when pairing your jewelry. You can wear all gold or all silver for a very “put together” look even if all the individual elements are quite distinct. Usually, every accessory that you wear should have at least one similar characteristic.

A lot of people decide to pair their fashion rings with the same type of stone. So, diamonds would go with diamonds, emeralds with emeralds, and sapphires with sapphires. Others might just match them by color, so a blue topaz would go with sapphire and vice versa. It really depends on how cohesive you want your look to be.

How to Style Your Fashion Rings  

Fashion Rings


The style of a fashion ring determines what outfits and accessories will go best. If you have a lot of rings on you might not want to wear a large bracelet, or you might be want to wear the bracelet on the other side to balance everything out.

In terms of color, keep in mind that most outfits are either cool-toned (silver, sapphires) or warm-toned (gold, garnet). You may want to keep to a certain color scheme if you’re trying for an impactful design.

When stacked, fashion rings often go with a more eclectic sense of style. But alone, a fashion ring can be quite modern, powerful, and abstract. These are things that should be remembered when accessorizing and dressing for the ring. You don’t want to overdress or dress too much, because that could distract from your individual rings.

When designing an outfit think about the color of the metal and the stone. Is your outfit trendy or casual? Modern outfits often go with things like gunmetal rings and rings that are made out of semi-fine metals and gems. Meanwhile, classic or traditional outfits are more likely to be offset with rings that are high in value.

If you’re layering your fashion rings, consider layering bracelets and necklaces, too. But make sure you remain balanced. There’s a point at which you may have too many accessories to have a true “focal point.” Usually, you don’t want to be fully symmetrical, but you want to balance sides.  

Fashion rings often work best with those who want to call attention to their hands. Either you have lovely hands, you talk with your hands a lot, or you even have a profession where you need to make sure your hands look great (such as a profession in the cosmetics industry). Stacked rings generally look best on those who have long fingers.

Fashion rings are a great way to display your unique style. They go great with a lot of different accessories and even with each other. You can start looking for fashion rings today at Occasions Fine Jewelry — as well as a lot of great jewelry to go with it.

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