Add Some Jazz to Your Look Wearing A Suave Men’s Bracelet

Wearing A Suave Men Bracelet

Men’s jewellery business is very much in line with the latest fashion and trends seen in celebrities and catwalks. Bracelets are still among the favourite accessories for men as it is easy to wear while also adding to their style quotient. Men love layers around their wrists, especially in metal, silver bracelet men, or beads. Leather or pearls add that extra oomph to your personality and outfit.

How to Wear Your Men’s Bracelets the Right Way?

Wearing A Suave Men Bracelet


Whether a college-going or a professional, you can decorate yourself with chic layers of bracelets around your wrists, complementing your sophisticated look with other accessories. Master the basics by learning everything about the fit, proportion, and overall style of bracelets.

The Simpler It Is, the Better You Will Look

When you think of men’s accessories, the first thing that come to your mind are a fashionable belt a sophisticated necktie, but hardly anyone thinks of jewellery. You can balance your style and outfit, add chic bracelet men on one of your wrists, and give it the concept of visual weighting, which means one wrist is heavier than the other. Of course, a watch can do that too, but bracelets are trending, look modern, and give a whole chain look that makes heads turn.

Go Solo

Wearing A Suave Men Bracelet


Keep one wrist bare and the other one full – ditch the watch and wear an authentic bracelet that looks quite apt for a formal occasion. Go in for gold or silver bracelet men to add sophistication and richness to your overall look.

Stack It Up

Multiple bracelets on one wrist give a more well-travelled, laid-back, and distinctive look. Try a stack made up of colour and material combinations, or go in for the beaded bracelets with one natural colour leather cord. Add another leather strap of different widths to your mix if it looks good and confident. Be very careful when choosing the stack, ad try not to look feminine or noisy when you shake that arm.

Try the Combo

Wearing A Suave Men Bracelet


The idea is to wear a watch on the same wrist and stack a few bracelets. The thin strap works well and should be placed under the watch. Adjust the metal tones accordingly. It’s like a stylish caricature, which looks cohesive, and everyone pays attention to that arm.

Types of Men’s Bracelets

Here are some great styles of trending men’s bracelets that you can gift to your loved ones or which can make a man stand out on any occasion or event:

The Beaded Bracelet

This one comes with high-quality natural beads and has everything from stone beads to wooden beads in various colours and sizes, most of which are scratch and water-resistant. Some stones can also contain healing properties and help you enhance your self-confidence to concentration.

The Gold or Silver Bracelet Men

Wearing A Suave Men Bracelet


Whether it is a formal occasion, a wedding, a festival, or an evening party, you can match a plain Gold or Silver bracelet. It would match perfectly with formal, Indo-Western, and even Indian attire for every occasion by giving a royal and rich look. It can be thick or a thin chain around the wrist, which gives a sheer classy look to your personality.

Anchor Bracelets for Men

This one redefines the phrase “one size fits everything” that comes with double-tied leather or cloth cords. You can move the knot to adjust the length of the bracelet. Wear the perfect size, along with a pair of casual shoes for men, maybe a light chain, and your favourite jacket- and you’re ready to receive compliments!

Cuff Bracelets

The cuff bracelet men are designed to wrap your wrist without locking and can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. Be extremely cautious while wearing this one because it can weaken and break if you bend the metal too much.

Men’s Leather Bracelet

Look great and represent your style, wearing your favourite sweater and sports shoes and, of course, this soft, supple leather bracelet that fits snugly on your wrist. It’s super comfortable and easy to wear, regardless of the season, occasion, or mood.

The Paracord Bracelet

Wearing A Suave Men Bracelet


Yes – this one is for fashion and protection. Think twice before you wear it when going for a very formal occasion, but this becomes a style statement on casual gatherings. A silver bracelet men make you look good and can help tripwire and escape unscathed – if there is ever a need.

Men’s Steel Bracelet

These are made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel that is sleek, very durable, and won’t slow you down no matter what life throws at you.


A fearless man loves wearing and flaunting his jewellery and stylish bracelets. Men’s wardrobes and accessory kits are undergoing a style revolution today. Many are encouraged by the crowd to stand out and are surely more confident in their masculinity, expressing themselves in a fashionable style. Men’s bracelets, worn with a funky hairstyle and chic, trendy clothes, can make you look like a gentleman or give you that perfect street-smart look.

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