21 Iconic and Weird Buildings in NYC That You Must See!

Iconic and Weird Buildings in NYC That You Must See!

Explore the hidden wonders of New York City with Live Enhanced as your guide. Uncover quirky buildings, tucked-away museums, and secret subway stations add a unique touch to the city’s charm. Delve into the world of weird buildings in NYC for an extraordinary adventure.

Don’t be surprised if you swap the Empire State Building for a ghostly tea party! Explore the unusual buildings in NYC for a unique adventure.

  1. Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center

    Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center the weird building in nyc
    Source: Nic Lehoux
  2. 41 Cooper Square

    41 Cooper Square the unusual buildings in nyc
    Source: Ryan Witte
  3. VIA 57 West

    VIA 57 West
    Source: 6sqft
  4. IAC Building

    IAC Building
    Source: Flickr Peter Westerhof

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  5. 8 Spruce

    8 Spruce
    Source: Gehry Partners
  6. 520 West 28th St

    520 West 28th Street
    Source: Zaha Hadid
  7. Solar Carve Tower

    Solar Carve Tower
    Source: Timothy Schenck Focchi

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  8. Prism Tower

    Prism Tower
    Source: Wade Zimmerman
  9. Jenga Tower 56 Leonard St

    Jenga Tower the most unusual buildings in 56 Leonard Street New York city
    Source: Iwan Baan , Hufton+Crow
  10. Hearst Tower

    Hearst Tower one of the unusual buildings in nyc
    Source: Chuck Choi
  11. Vessel

    Vessel Unusual Buildings in nyc
    Source: Francois Roux

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  12. The Shed

    The Shed The Unusual buildings in nyc
    Source: at.theshed
  13. The Oculus

    The Oculus unusual buildings in nyc
    Source: Reddit
  14. Guggenheim Museum

    Guggenheim Museum Most weird building in nyc
    Source: cecr
  15. Palazzo Chupi

    weird building Palazzo Chupi in nyc
    Source: Nytimes
  16. Trinity Church

    unusual buildings Trinity Church in nyc
    Source: mbbarch
  17. AT&T Long Lines Building

    Thomas Street ATandT Long Lines Building
    Source: IG Josh
  18. One World Trade Center

    weird building One World Trade Center in nyc
    Source: James Ewing
  19. Woolworth Building

    unusual buildings Woolworth Building in nyc
    Source: Mel Longhurst Getty Images
  20. Chrysler Building

    weird building Chrysler Building in nyc
    Source: dezeen
  21. Seagram Building

    Weird Seagram Building in nyc
    Source: glreview



New York City is a vibrant tapestry of experiences. Venture out, explore, and let the city’s uniqueness, including its weird buildings in NYC, captivate you!

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