What Is a Murphy Bed? Everything You Need to Know From Architect

Small Room Colorful Murphy Bed with table and Side Desk

With the rise of online shopping and remote work, more fun can be had at home, from homework and movie nights to workouts and game nights. We have already seen interior decor trends for small houses transformed by the need for every room to offer multipurpose capabilities. Open living spaces and entertainer kitchens make it easier to use family rooms for different activities, but what about bedrooms?

Beds remain one of the few large pieces of furniture that make it hard to rearrange a room. Until now. Bestar Murphy beds offer the versatility modern families need.

What Is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a mechanical marvel. It is a bed that folds up into a compact cabinet when the bed itself is not needed. A dual piston system allows you to fold the bed up and down smoothly and quickly to transform any bedroom into an open space saving multipurpose furniture ready for the day’s activities.

A Murphy bed is just as comfortable as a standard bed. Flexible slats provide excellent comfort and support for the mattress. When the bed is not in use, simply remove the pillows and straighten the covers. Then fold it up and away into the built-in cabinet.

The underside of the bed then becomes the front of a cupboard that hides the bed beautifully and transitions the room into an open space.

Closed White Murphy Bed with Side Desk and With Storage
Source: Bestar

Reclaim Your Space with Transforming Furniture

Murphy beds are excellent at saving space in any home. When the bed is folded out, it takes up the usual footprint of a bed. However, when the bed is folded away, that footprint is reduced to a fraction. This allows you to reclaim the space taken up by the bed in any room.

Different Styles of Murphy Bed

Murphy beds come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate the needs of your home. The form and finish of the surrounding cabinetry can match your furnishings whether you prefer traditional designs or a more modern and contemporary look.

1. Murphy Bed Sizes

Bestar Murphy beds accommodate full sized and queen sized mattresses. This gives the sleeper plenty of room to spread out, and provides space for couples to happily share, without creating too large a footprint (or too tall a cabinet) for most rooms.

2. Murphy Bed with Desk

In addition to size options, you can also choose the type of cabinet and features that adorn your Murphy bed. A popular model is the Murphy Bed with Desk. You can choose from a model with side cabinetry and a slide-out desk or enjoy a fold-out laptop desk that is revealed when the bed is folded up. Roll your chair up to the desk to convert the sleeping space into an office space, art desk, or homework area.

3. Sofa Murphy Bed

Sofa Murphy beds are also a useful addition to transform any space into a guest room. This unique design appears to be an elegant two-cushion sofa with its back to a tall cabinet.

However, remove the seat cushions and the cabinet folds down to reveal a full-sized or queen-sized bed. The arms of the sofa border the head of the mattress while the rest of the sofa is hidden below.

Grey Bed with White Murphy Bed with small Storage
Source: Bestar

Unlock the Potential of Multipurpose Room Design

The best thing about Murphy beds is that they can turn any room into a multipurpose furniture room. Bedrooms and guest rooms can be opened for daytime activities and activity rooms can be rearranged to welcome guests.

Bedrooms and Hobby Space

Bedrooms are usually occupied by the bed. The smaller the room, the less space for anything else. But a Murphy bed makes it possible for each resident in your house to enjoy space for hobbies and activities in the privacy of their room.

Exercises, art projects, or even music practice can take place in bedrooms without being crowded by the bed during the day.

Close Wooden Murphy Bed with side desk and Storage Option
Source: Design by Sonya Lee Architect & Photo by Mark Wickens

Activity Rooms That Double as Guest Rooms

Many families debate keeping the guest room as at-home activities become more popular. Should you set up a hobby room, create a home gym, or make sure guests have a place to sleep? Now, you don’t have to choose.

A Murphy allows you to use your extra room most of the year, and then quickly fold out the bed when your guests come to visit on special occasions.

Home Office Using Murphy Bed

Adding a home office is a must for many professionals who now work remote or hybrid jobs. However, not every home has an extra room to designate as a home office. With a Murphy bed, you can transform the guest room or your personal bedroom into an office during the day.

With the elegant cabinet hiding the bed, your coworkers won’t even suspect when you join a video meeting. In fact, it makes quite an elegant backdrop.

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Open Wooden Murphy Bed with side desk and Storage Option
Source: Design by Sonya Lee Architect & Photo by Mark Wickens

Maximizing an Apartment

Of course, you don’t need a house to enjoy a Murphy bed. Those who live in small apartments and efficiency apartments have even more to gain from the Murphy bed design. By folding away your bed, you can enjoy more space during the day. A Murphy bed with sofa can even transform your bedroom into a spacious living room for guests.

Bonus Beds in Your Vacation Rental

Lastly, Murphy beds are increasingly popular with vacation rental hosts. When providing a whole home booking, you can accommodate even more guests than you have bedrooms without the discomfort of a folding sofa bed. Murphy beds are elegant decor when they are not needed, and high-quality sleeping spaces when a large party wants to book your space.

Murphy beds can transform any room into a multipurpose space. Free up the floor space in bedrooms for daytime activities or reveal extra sleeping space for guests in shared spaces. Enjoy a home office and a guest room. Turn your bedroom into a hobby space. The possibilities are endless with a Bestar Murphy bed.

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