Yahoo Group Announces Shut Down from 15th Dec. 2020


Yahoo has decided to abandon Yahoo Groups on December 15 in the face of a significant decrease in use over the last few years. On Tuesday, Verizon, which acquired this internet giant in 2017, reported a decision marking the end of the line for one of the Web’s biggest message board networks of its time. In messages being sent to  customers and a post released on the Yahoo Groups website, Verizon confirmed the decision today.

This service was introduced in 2001 and can not compete among new channels such as Reddit, Facebook Groups, and Google Groups. The Wireless service provider based in the U.S named Verizon bought this internet business in the year 2017 for $4.8 million. 


 As a kind of website and mailing list combination, Yahoo introduced Groups in 2001, and it soon has become a hub for expert social community. There was one big issue, though: there was social networking. When your Facebook squad, Twitter buddies, or Discord talk fits the criteria, and even more easily, there’s not as much reason to use this community.

Although Verizon’s 2019 steps enabled the platform of Yahoo Groups to live on, the platform was never quite the same. Subscribers have lacked the capacity to check out new forums, but they’ll have the power to build new ones and hold communications with all participants at once via mass email.

Still, for many others, this may be a sad time. Yahoo is wiping away a bit of internet culture, close to the GeoCities shutdown. If you’ve not been using this service in ages, you may still have a connection therewith, say, a fan club for your teenager’s favorite band. Even if it can survive via database resources, it is essentially deleting the historical record.

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For the past few years, they  have experienced a slight decrease in users. Over the same era, as consumers search quality, trustworthy material, we have encountered unparalleled levels of interaction across our properties, ”the company said in a statement given on the official website. 


Since these choices are never trivial for them, but sometimes we all have to make tough decisions about offerings that no further suit our long-term vision, whilst we concentrate on many other market areas.

Creating new groups will be blocked on October 12, and users would no longer be allowed to respond and receive emails through this  on December 15. The platform will no longer be open too. The Mail will usually keep operating.


The emails you had sent collected will continue in your inbox, but after the 15th of December, messages can not be sent or accessed from participants of your party at the start of December. Your email will not be delivered if you attempt to email your community after December 15, and you will receive a notice of failure, ” the organization confirmed.

They also suggested a few websites such as Facebook, Google Groups, and to support its existing community customers continue to provide  links, which offers a paying feature to migrate Yahoo app members.

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