You Can Earn More Than $10000 Dollars Through Instagram – Here’s How?

Earn More Than $10000 Dollars Through Instagram
How IG users can earn money from this program?

Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing application, and its recent feature of reels has become quite trendy among Insta-users. Instagram has been trying to remain competitive in the competitive market as TikTok has grown significantly and has already topped 1 billion active users every month.

And Instagram, to boost its users, is rolling out on reels play bonus program. Through this program, users can earn a whopping $10000 by creating reels on this meta-owned platform. 

According to 9To5Mac, creators on the social media network will now have the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 for sharing short videos called “Reels” as part of the Reels Play incentive program.

According to a TechCrunch article, Instagram hasn’t made it pretty clear how creators could earn bonus money by making reels as members of the Reels Play bonus program.

How does this bonus program work?

Earn More Than $10000 Dollars Through Instagram


According to media sources, individuals with more than 50,000 followers get $1,000 each month. But, some creators with a similar number of subscribers only received $600. 

As a result, it’s uncertain how Instagram pays rewards to users at this time. Meanwhile, other creators on the app claimed to have made $800 after hitting 1.7 million views on all of their Reels in a month.

This is just the starting!

According to Instagram, the incentive scheme is being evaluated with a limited percentage of creators, and users can “anticipate them to vary while we’re still getting started.” According to IANS, the company promises that upcoming rewards will be more customized.

These perks are being gradually rolled out, and they are not yet available to all Instagram users. 

These incentives are only available to Instagram producers in the United States as of now. The social networking company has yet to launch the bonus program in various other huge markets using this platform.

Eligibility and rules to earn money out of this program – 

Earn More Than $10000 Dollars Through Instagram


While Instagram Reels allows creators to earn additional money, the site has limitations and eligibility requirements that interested users must adhere to participate in the Instagram Reels Play bonus program.

Nevertheless, creators should consider that the program is still in its early stages and may not be available to all users.

To begin, interested users must adhere to the program requirements outlined in the Instagram Creator Reward Conditions and also the bonus program rules on Instagram.

Let’s help you get started!

Earn More Than $10000 Dollars Through Instagram


  • The creator has only 30 days after the Instagram Reels Play Bonus becomes accessible in their account to activate bonuses on Instagram. Creators will have to restart the procedure from the beginning after the specified days have passed.
  • In the meantime, creators will have 30 days to receive the incentive once the perks are enabled on Instagram.
  • They can choose as many reels as they want to be considered for the bonus profits during this period.
  • Furthermore, the success of the chosen reels will decide the amount of money earned by the producers. Unfortunately, reels that are permanently removed will not earn credit for the number of times they were played.
  • The progress page, available in Bonuses Options, will show creators how far they’ve progressed toward earning a Reels Play Bonus. It may take up to 24 hours for the progress or earnings to be updated.

You’ll be paid based on how well your Reels performs, and you can watch your bonus status in your Performance Evaluation.

Wrapping up!

Earn More Than $10000 Dollars Through Instagram


So, what says creators? Isn’t this a great opportunity? Even if you aren’t yet eligible for the Reels Play bonus program, now is a fantastic opportunity to start making Reels.

That way, when you do gain access, you’ll be ready to make a hell lot of money. In addition, the creators would be able to earn money directly from the platform through the Reels Play Bonus program after they have completed the given conditions. 

So, I hope you are aware of everything you need to know regarding this program at Live Enhanced

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