Mesmerizing 3 Storey House Designs With Rooftop

3 storey house design with rooftop

Everybody dreams about having a big home standing tall and high among all the houses around. And it’s nothing wrong to wish for the big home and that’s where 3 Storey house design have made their way. The dream of a huge home has what made the 3 storey house design so popular. And to be honest, the amount of space and versatility these designs provide is just, what can I say?


The view and space it provides on a small plot is something a clever architect would have thought of. The 3 levels of the house are designed for the family’s needs. For instance, the first one is family gatherings where the whole family can have a good time together. On level 2, we have bedrooms with a view, one can even put an elevator. Being on 2nd level allows bedrooms to be bright and airy, plus you get a view. And at last at 3rd level, we get a rooftop design followed by a small room or a patio to have a great Sunday breakfast with family. Have a look at these 3 storey house designs and give your dream home wish a picture.

  • Elegant Contrast
3 storey house design with rooftop black stone with natural Light
Source: webdo me
  • Contemporary 3-Floor House Design
3 storey modern house design glass outer and amazing Lighting with couple standing on roof and car passing by road
Source: behance

This contemporary three-storey modern house design embodies elegance. Clean lines, sleek surfaces, and large windows characterize the exterior, while the interior showcases open spaces, minimalist aesthetics, and an abundance of natural light.

  • Glass For 3-Floor Building Design
3-floor building design with lighting in evening purple color scene with rotating staircase
Source: lovehomedesigns

The modern 3-floor building design is incomplete without the usage of glass material. home exteriors embrace sleek and stylish glass facades, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The transparency of glass integrates the charm and serenity of the natural landscape, creating a visually appealing and serene living environment.

  • Creamy Serenity 3-story
3 storey house design with rooftop amazing white wall with full glass window and small gardern
source: sublipalawan
  • Nature’s Gateway
3 storey house design with rooftop white color and brown pillar transparent glass two women walking by the road
source: pinterest
  • Build A Pool For Exterior Landscaping
3-story house design with a rooftop and amazing Lightup pool home mostly with glass and large plant near by pool
Source: brisbaneuniquehomes

If you want to enhance your exterior landscaping for your 3-story house design with a rooftop, experiment with something new. Add a stunning pool that brings a touch of luxury and relaxation. Create an oasis in your backyard with a beautifully designed and expertly crafted swimming pool.

  • Curves and Uniqueness Home Design
3 storey house design with rooftop parking in ground and 1 floor with balcony and 3 floor rooftop amazing view
source: pinterest
  • Discover An Architectural Masterpiece
large 3 storey modern house design with gardern in front and light up with small light and evening scene
Source: theplancollection

A 3-story modern house design with an inverted V-shaped rooftop in sleek black. The intricate wall patterns add an artistic touch, while abundant floor space and tasteful lighting elevate the allure of every floor.

  • Basic Design for 3 floors home
3 storey house design with rooftop orange wall and white roof revolving staircase and small gardern in front
Source: pinterest
  • Simple Design For a Chic Look
mordern 3 story apartment design with light road facing all 3 floor flat
Source: sfgate

Experience the allure of a stunning 3-story apartment design. While the ground floor boasts a practical garage, it’s the second floor that captivates with its glass windows, offering glimpses of an elegant drawing room and a charming balcony. Ascend to the third floor to discover a picturesque balcony adorned with 3 to 4 cozy chairs, inviting you to relax and enjoy the view.

  • Flat rooftop with white and black walls
3 storey house design with rooftop flat black and white wall and gate of black color 2nd and 3rd floor with balcony
source: hidupsimpel
  • Consistent Style Design
3rd foor building design road facing and sharpe edge
Source: coolhouseconcepts

A modern 3rd foor building design embraces consistency in its construction while showcasing contrasting aesthetics. White walls and dark grey exteriors create a striking visual contrast. Vibrant red flowers adorn the ground and third floors, accompanied by a car parking area. Classic scone lights add a touch of elegance throughout.

  • Stunning 3 storey with flat roof and Glass
3 storey house design with flat rooftop and glass window two way door
source: pinterest
  • Ascending Oasis
3 storey house design with rooftop 1st floor simple sitting area and 2nd floor gardern sitting area and 3rd floor rooftop flat
Source: housing

3-story building design with maximum rooms on the ground floor, open space on the second floor, and a single room on the third floor. Greenery fills the parking and garden areas, while the third floor boasts an artificial garden resembling a penthouse.

  • Shattering Design
3 storey house design with rooftop white house brown pillar road facing
source: hasshe
  • Unique modern home design
Amazing design with great lighting and Basement parking
source: wattpad
  • Mixed Materials
3 storey modern house design black and brown combo with window facing road
Source: spektral-haus

With sleek grey hues adorning the exterior, the 3 storey house design with rooftop exudes a modern and sophisticated feel. Inside, the warm wood tones seamlessly transition, lending a cozy and inviting touch, while providing a harmonious contrast to the contemporary aesthetic.

  • Perplexing falt rooftop 3 storey house
3 storey house design with rooftop on road side with wide space for car parking and wide gate
source: Pinterest
  • Curvy Edge Design
modern 3 floor house design with mesmerizing curved lighting in beautiful evening
Source: homehound

A mesmerizing fusion awaits in this modern 3-floor house design, where a gracefully curved corner captivates its glass-clad exterior. Bathed in ethereal light, the seamless marriage of curvature and transparency infuses the space with an enchanting, contemporary allure.

  • Phenomenal outside pool house design
house design with amazing pool light up glass wall
source: pinterest
  • Sophisticated 3 stories
3 storey house design with rooftop black grey white color combo corner home
source: sohu
  • Traditional 3-Floor House Design
3 story building design with gardern and wooden tradition look glass window and V shape roof
Source: eplans2

Nestled within the embrace of tradition, this 3 story building design with a rooftop exudes timeless charm. The V-shaped wooden rooftop crowns the structure, while the alluring warmth of wood envelops the exterior. Delicate wooden railings grace the second floor, inviting strolls, while sturdy pillars below provide steadfast support.

  • White And Grey Color Design
3 storey modern housen with a rooftop in blue sky and 3rd floor roof of v shape
Source: eplans

Amidst the embrace of tradition, this three-storey house design effortlessly combines timeless charm with a contemporary twist. The structure is crowned with a V-shaped wooden rooftop in pristine white, while the enveloping exterior boasts the alluring warmth of grey wood. Delicate white railings grace the second floor, inviting strolls, while sturdy grey pillars below provide unwavering support.

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