How to Choose the Right Ski Helmet?

Ski Helmet

If you are fond of winter sports, then you surely need a Ski Helmet to avoid any head injury. The use of a Ski Helmet was not common at the start of the decade, but now every winter sports lover especially wears them for their protection. They are accessible in different shapes and sizes along with womens ski helmet, and with their popularity, the death rate due to head injuries has been controlled worldwide.

So aren’t you one of those who are looking forward to buying the right Ski Helmet yet don’t know which features and components to consider before buying them? 

If yes, then this article will help you in this regard. We will help you to figure out which factors to look for when you are in need of buying these helmets. Let’s begin the guide.

Ski Helmet Parts

Ski Helmet


Let’s begin with the parts of the helmet that are different from the bike helmet. They consist of a few special components that you should know before buying them.

1- Shell

The shell this is also known as the helmet’s outer layer, saves your head from hitting any hard surface. Furthermore, it also provides you with energy whenever you fall while playing any sports. This shell gives you ultimate protection from any head injury.

2- Inner Liner

The inner liner comprises expanded polystyrene material. This form is helpful when you fall on a hard surface. It avoids any serious injury. However, whenever you fall badly on any hard surface, then you need to change the material immediately and go for the new one.

Ski Helmet Construction

Ski Helmet


Now let’s discuss how the ski helmet is constructed so that it becomes easy for you to make the purchase.

1- In-Mold Helmets

It is designed by connecting the shell and stun retaining froth in a solitary embellishment method. They are smooth and a lot lighter than infusion-shaped protective helmets. If you want to go for these helmets, it would be an appropriate option.

2- Injection Molded Helmets

The second one is the injection-molded helmets that are another great option to go for. They are made of ABS High-impact plastic and are more durable against any fall and rock products. They give you complete protection and saves you from a head injury. Both mentioned helmets are specifically designed for your ease and ultimate protection.

Ski Helmet Size

Ski Helmet


Now let’s move further and talk about the size of helmets that would be fit for you. Make sure whatever helmet you purchase comfortably fits on your head so that it gives you complete protection. Don’t go for that helmet that isn’t fit for you. The size matters a lot in protection.

1- Measure Before Purchase

It is better to buy the helmet from the REL Store, where you can surely get the perfect size after measuring. Ensure that you buy the helmet with proper measuring to avoid any future issues. If you are going to measure with tape, then measure from ear to eyebrows. From every side, do proper measurements and later buy the accurate helmet.

2- Check the Fit

An ideal helmet should feel cozy yet not tight. If your helmet can shake to and fro, then it simply means that the helmet is not fit for you. After moving your head from every side, if the helmet shifts, then go for another one. change the estimating instrument or utilize thicker measuring cushions.

Keep measuring unless and until the helmet comfortably and accurately fits on your head. If the helmet doesn’t fit on your head, it won’t save you from any severe accident.

Ski Helmet Features

Ski Helmet


Let’s have a quick look at a few features of the Ski Helmet.

1- Liners

The helmet comprises removable pads and liners that are also washable. You can customize the liner according to the warmth requirement.

2- Vents

Vents are helpful in an area where there is warm air. Whenever you buy a helmet, it is better to go for that one that has adjustable vents. It will help you to go along with hot airflow without any issue.

3- Audio

The most exciting feature you can come across in the helmet is MP3 Player that makes your journey exciting. Yes, a few helmets have this feature that will be exciting and thrilling.

4- Camera

A few helmets have cameras mounted inside them, so you can choose such helmets too that have their own features and benefits.


Ski Helmet


The use of Ski Helmets has become common worldwide because of the increased passion for winter sports. Your safety should be your biggest requirement, so why not have all the safety precautions to avoid any severe head injury? I have made a detailed list of how to buy the right and appropriate Ski Helmet. I hope you will get notes from this guide at Live Enhanced, and it will be helpful for you to get your hands on the right Helmet.

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