Elevate Your Spa Services: 3 Aesthetic Solutions to Consider

Elevate Your Spa Services

Today, spas are in multiple locations, including high-end resorts, malls, and fitness centers. 

With such a high level of competition, you need to make sure that you offer something unique and effective to attract and retain customers regardless of your spa location. 

In addition to providing excellent customer care and a superb ambiance, you must also elevate your spa services.

To do this, you need to offer more services that’ll enhance your current beauty and wellness packages. Here are three cosmetic brands you can get from the leading provider of aesthetic solutions in the UAE that can help you accomplish this.

1. Purlés cosmetics

Elevate Your Spa Services

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Purlés’ intensive attention to the composition and quality of their cosmetics makes them among the best tools for your spa.

Created at an industry-standard French laboratory, Purlés cosmetics is a complete wellness therapy that provides relaxation and immediate effects. It can be your spa’s secret recipe for transforming your treatment solutions into a unique spiritual experience that encourages customers to keep coming back.

Purlés’ products are prepared for spa owners searching for a complete solution in providing care and beauty services. 

The brand regularly participates in renowned beauty congresses to learn and share experiences with some of the world’s best beauty laboratories. They continually search for ways to enhance their products and ensure that they cater to the new, increasing demands of modern clients.

Purlés’ line of beauty products is continuously developing. For instance, you can offer your clients the brand’s revolutionary home care treatment. This is an intensive treatment that can fight the signs and symptoms of aging, regardless of your customer’s skin needs.

2. Oligodermie skincare products

Elevate Your Spa Services

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Oligodermie offers a wide range of skincare products to keep the skin looking great now and in the future. With the brand’s commitment to creating only the best quality cosmetic products, they can also be one of your spa’s unique offerings.

Oligodermie products are manufactured to give the skin all the natural ingredients it needs to keep it healthy and glowing. These include mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements. Whether for moisturizing, nourishing, or soothing, all their beauty products are formulated by skin type and can be applied daily to support a specific treatment.

One of the recommended Oligodermie products for a spa is the exfoliating gel with fruit acids. This is a chemical scrub for all skin types that stimulates the renewal of skin cells, thus restoring transparency and radiance complexion. 

The combination of salicylic acid and fruit acid facilitates the removal of dead cells, whereas lactic acid improves the hydration of the skin’s upper layers.

For home care, you can give your customers the Oligodermie Actiwhite light expert cream. This is a whitening cream that removes dark spots and works to ultimately develop a youthful, radiant complexion. For best results, it must be used along with their Oligodermie lightening serum.

3. Arosha face and body

Elevate Your Spa Services

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After several years of experience with beauty and skincare, Arosha offers a complete solution for facial and body treatments.

For facial treatment, Arosha uses their “Matrixtech concept.” They implement advanced, innovative technology in each therapy, enhancing the communication between the skin layers to supply the needed active ingredients. With Arosha’s facial products, your spa can cater to clients looking for anti-aging, cleansing, detoxification, whitening, and lifting solutions.

For body treatments, Arosha offers a wrapping technology system that helps eliminate your client’s body concerns and skin imperfections. With the brand’s body wraps, you can help improve your customer’s tone. The Arosha body treatment caters to concerns about tonification, lifting and volume, cellulite, heavy legs, peeling, shaping and remodeling, and water retention.

Apart from face and body products you can use in your spa, Arosha also offers home treatments that you can recommend to your clients.

For instance, the Arosha firming cream is an effective solution designed to enhance skin elasticity, firmness, hydration, appearance, and texture. It contains collagen and elastin that help stimulate fibroblast activity and collagen production to strengthen the skin’s deeper layers.

Elevate Your Spa Services

source: etherealdayspa.net

Arosha brush is also another home treatment product you can recommend to your customers. This is no ordinary brush because it stimulates the lymphatic system, nerve endings, and microcirculation. 

Brushing the legs, back, arms, and abdomen with the Arosha brush even for just a few minutes offers significant results. It provides a refreshing and energizing, decontracturing, and draining effect to keep the skin firm and healthy.

The demand for spa services is increasing around the world. Though this is probably connected to tourism, improvements in personal income, and demographic trends, the fast and busy pace of modern life has also led to an increased need for health and wellness services.

With that said, you can enhance your services by transforming your spa into a go-to wellness center for both men and women. 

Invest in one or all of these high-quality aesthetic solutions today. You should also work on upgrading your spa equipment with the latest health and beauty equipment. After all, keeping up with the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry is an excellent way of improving your spa’s reputation and profitability.

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