Enjoying Long Weekend in Dublin

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With its compact size and relatively flat terrain, Dublin in Ireland is a fantastic choice for a quick weekend trip. Being the Irish capital city, the town is full of history, Irish charm, fascinating landscape and plenty of pubs. There are plenty of museums and castles that will make it easy to find your weekend itinerary. Consult with Dublin Tour Company for the best weekend itinerary, which could feature the following.

The National Gallery of Ireland

• The National Gallery of Ireland of dublin

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Visiting Ireland’s national gallery is a great way to unmask Ireland’s history. This art museum features a fantastic collection of art, with various styles collected from several centuries. Among the collection are portraits with familiar historical faces, including the famous television celebrity Graham Norton. This place is among the many free places to visit in Dublin, and you can consider including it in your weekend schedule.

If art and picture portraits are not your favourite cup of tea, you can opt for the National Museum of Ireland, which stores various decorative arts, natural history, archaeology, and historical pieces. Admission into the museum is free, and it will help you learn more about the rich Irish history.

Stop by the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral

• Stop by the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral

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Based on religious assumptions, you might expect that Ireland’s famous cathedrals are bound to Roman Catholic. However, you are wrong as both the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral are under the Church of Ireland. That aside, the other common thing with these two churches is the extensive historical architecture.

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Stop by during your weekend trips and explore the church’s grounds and exterior. The Christ Church appears quite urban and is amidst shops and pubs. On the other hand, the St Patricks Cathedral has a large garden outside that serves as a park to the local community. For a small fee, you get to explore what’s between the walls, reflect your relationship with God and as well admire the aesthetic craftsmanship.

The Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

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The Dublin Castle is one of Dublin’s major landmark. Any new person in town can hardly miss the medieval tower that jets up the sky. Till date, the Dublin Castle still serves as a working office for the Irish Government besides attracting visitors all around the world. Whereas there is a lot to see from the outside, it is more than worth to purchase a ticket for an inside tour.

You can choose between a guided tour or a self-guided tour. With the guided tour, you will walk through various underground scenic areas with archaeological evidence of Viking’s history. The other benefit of a guided tour is being able to listen to the tour guide. Having some basic information makes it easy to learn more about the castle.

Tour the Trinity College Library

 College Library in dublin

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The Trinity College in Dublin is among the various historical education centres in Ireland located in Picturesque. Queen Elizabeth the first built it in 1592. The alumni list is both impressive and lengthy, featuring Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, Leo Varadkar – the current Irish Prime Minister and Samuel Beckett among others.

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The buildings and overall construction of the institution are historical. For instance, there is a bell tower designed in 1853 by Sir Charles Lanyon in the library square. Another notable building is the museum building with Palazzo style building and covered with detailed carvings.

Apart from the historic buildings, tourist flock this college to witness the collection of books of Kells, which date back to 384 AD. It contains the four Gospels of the Bible. The college library is another whole story to witness. This long historical room has some of the world’s oldest books with shelves that hold more than 200,000 books.

Relax at the Parks

Parks in dublin

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Dublin doesn’t fall short of parks and squares to spend your time interacting with nature. Just to mention, the St, Stephen’s Green located right at the heart of the city and Phoenix Park at the downtown are two common parks within the city. The St, Stephen Park is right across Grafton Street. The park hosts more than one lake with several ducks, various bird species and seagulls. It also has a fountain, monuments, and memorials.

On the other hand, the Phoenix Park is more of a green park. It hosts a herd of deer that roam freely within the park. You will also see the Dublin Zoo and Magazine Fort. The park is approximately 1700 acres large, providing several areas to explore.

Shop at the Sweater Shop

Whereas most fishermen sweaters come from the Irish town of Aran, it doesn’t mean that you will have to leave the city to get a pair. Before winding up your weekend, pass by the sweater shop located around the Trinity College to grab this woollen souvenir.

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There are endless places to spend your weekend in Dublin. Always make sure to book a tour with a tour company to have your schedule organized beforehand. This ensures that you don’t miss out on important sites.

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