6 Effective Ways to Prevent Your Child’s Fear of Dentists

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Dentist visits tend to be scary for everyone; thus, we are not surprised if your baby is a little anxious about her next dental appointment. We have six simple steps that you could try out that will go a long way in helping your child overcome their fear of the dentist.

Six simple ways on how to prepare kids for dentist
  • Try and start early

prepare kid for dentist

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Visiting a new place for most children might be a little scary for them, reduce the anxiety, and try and go for your dental appointments 30minutes earlier. This will help your child calm her nerves and get a little comfortable with the new environment. If you are going to a paediatric dentist, you should find some toys that will keep her distracted before going in to see the dentist.

  • Mind the words you use

You need to ensure you are very careful with your words. Avoid overwhelming your child with any unnecessary information on the dental visit. Too much information might trigger anxiety. To calm her nerves, carry her favourite toy and have a positive attitude towards the appointment. Keep it light and fun as you head to the dentist; this will avoid your child from overthinking the whole process.

prepare kid for dentist

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  • How about trying a mock visit?

Try and do some role-playing with your child before going into the dentist. It should prepare them for what will happen during the check-up and get them comfortable with the idea. However, don’t create the noises of drilling while doing the mock visit as this might frighten your child, just use a toothbrush to keep it friendly and fun.

prepare kid for dentist

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  • Discuss the importance of good oral hygiene

 Discuss the importance of having a good oral hygiene. Besides brushing your teeth before bed, your child needs to understand a dental check-up is also necessary for keeping her teeth healthy. Explain with healthy teeth, they can enjoy a beautiful smile even as they get older. When you properly educate your child and keep it light and fun, they will not be too nervous about their next dental visit.

  • You need to be ready for some fuss

Even after educating, having a mock dental check-up, you need to be ready for some fuss. Crying is very normal for your child as she is nervous about the new experience, stays calm, and finds ways to calm her down. At the same time, you need to keep reassuring your child she is in safe hands, and you are around to make sure it all goes well. Hold her hand to make her calm and relax, and as the session proceeds applaud her of how great she is doing.

Final thoughts

prepare kid for dentist

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Dental visits are necessary for healthy teeth, and how you do it the first time determines if your child will be among the millions who never go for a check just because of the bad experience they had in the first visit. Start with a paediatric dentist; they are well trained on the best ways to keep your child calm and enjoy their check-up session. All in all, if it doesn’t go well the first time, don’t force, just book an appointment for another day. Take more ideas helping your child overcome their fear of the dentist at Live Enhanced.

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